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A CCTV Footage Has Appeared Of A Corpse Coming To Life In A Morgue – Is This Real?

A video appeared on Telegram channels on Monday, similar to CCTV footage, showing a man in a mortuary-like room, covered with a sheet, getting up from a table. In the caption to the video, it is noted that allegedly in the Tver morgue in the morning the corpse “came to life”.

Video below:

Employees of the Tver morgues did not confirm the information about the “reanimated corpse”, and also could not determine from the video posted on the network in which institution of the city this could happen.


In the morgues of hospitals No. 4, No. 6, No. 7 of the city of Tver, they also reported that no one came to life in them. “Most likely, this is some kind of staged thing,” they suggested in the morgue of hospital No. 7.
“We have already been called several times. It has nothing to do with us,” the bureau of forensic medical examination noted in the morgue.

“The video is a fake. The room on the video, which is allegedly one of the Tver morgues, is not such. There are no morgues in Tver similar to the one that appears in the video,” the Ministry of Health commented.

Many people online believe that the video is fake but there are people who believe that even if this has happened the Russian authorities would never admit it!

What do you think?