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A Code Word from Epstein’s Documents Sheds Light on the Purpose Behind Stephen Hawking’s Visit to the Infamous Island

A mix of old and new peppered the list of more than 150 people linked to alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein that a federal court unsealed from a 2015 civil suit of Epstein.

Some of the names released include: former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Stephen Hawking, astronaut John Glenn, and Alan Dershowitz.

There are many celebrities that are mentioned but everyone asked what was Stephen Hawking doing on Epstein’s island!


Photos show the late physicist visited Epstein’s infamous island in 2006 for a conference reportedly funded by Epstein on the neighbouring island of St Thomas.

Hawking is pictured attending a barbecue and taking a submarine tour of the sea bed off the island, The Telegraph reported.

And it seems that the new documents reveal Hawking’s fetish!

Mentioned throughout the Epstein documents, it appears the word “midget” is used as code for underage girls. When it says Steven Hawking had a fetish for watching “midgets” undress…

The bombshell 949-page document unsealed by a US court on Wednesday (Jan 3) also showed that deceased financier and convicted paedophile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein emailed his British aide to try and deny claims that physicist Stephen Hawking participated in a mass event for sexual perversion with ‘underage’ girls.

Epstein was ready to reward a survivor’s friend if she helped prove that the claims of Hawking’s participation in one such event were false, the documents show.

In an email sent by Epstein to Ghislaine Maxwell, the paedophile asked — the British socialite convicted of grooming and sex trafficking girls for abuse by Epstein to see if any of the friends of Virginia Giuffre, a survivor of his acts of paedophilia, would come forward to help prove her allegations against Hawking were false.

Hawking is best known for his discovery that black holes emit radiation which can be detected by special instrumentation.