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After Making A Fool Of Himself Yesterday Joe Biden Is Missing In The G20 Final Photo Session (Photos & Video)

Yesterday was another embarrassing day for our country!

uring the photo session with the world leaders, Biden was seen frolicking and playing the jokester, while fidgeting as if he can’t stay still. There is nothing about “President” Biden that projects power or dignity – indeed, it almost seems to be intentional to act without presidential bearing.

Watch the embarrassing video below:


And the even more embarrassing photo as he was pictured on the sidelines of the G20 photo on Saturday in Rome, Italy at the annual meeting:

Later in the day, there were pictures of Joe sitting alone as the other leaders mingled.

And then later on Sunday when the G20 leaders visited the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, Joe Biden is AWOL.

The American leader skipped the event as G20 leaders flipped coins in the fountain, a longheld tradition.

Video below:

A few moments ago the G20 final photo session was released Joe Biden is missing from the photo. Now that is one more embarrassment for America on the International stage.

Photo below:

Another angle:

The big G20 shindig in Rome highlights Biden’s cataclysmic decline. Unfortunately, as Joe goes, so go America’s fortunes and standing in the world. (snip) If the ritual photograph of world leaders is anything to go by, Joe Biden has lost some of the respect that used to be accorded America. Some? Who am I kidding? He’s lost all of the respect. Think of this as a Where’s Waldo game and try to find Biden in this staged photo-op of massed world leaders: If you can’t find him, let me help. Don’t look to the center.

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