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After The Allegations That 42,000 People Voted Twice In Nevada, Judge Ruled That Trump Team Should Inspect The Voting Machines – They Were Instead Given A Tour Of The Facility

Jesse Binnall, a lawyer who represented the Trump campaign in Nevada, said he uncovered tens of thousands of fraudulent votes including 42,000 people who had voted twice and a few thousand undocumented immigrants who voted.

Mr. Biden won Nevada by 33,596 votes or 2.4%.

“Transparency is not political,” Mr. Binnall said. “That’s what we were denied in Nevada.”


Part of the transcript from the hearing:

Mr. Binnall: (01:03:45)
1,506 votes from dead voters. 19,218 votes from non-Nevadans. And particularly striking is 42,284 votes from double voters. That number right there is more than the gulf between vice-president Biden and President Trump, in this case.

Mr. Binnall: (01:04:10)
Now the…

Judge Russell: (01:04:10)
You have about 15 minutes more to go.

Mr. Binnall: (01:04:15)
I understand. I run horribly, again.

Judge Russell: (01:04:16)
It’s been 35 minutes. I just thought I’d give you a heads-up.

Mr. Binnall: (01:04:20)
Thank you, Your Honor, and I have also been made aware by my co-counsel. I’m going to wrap up at this point and I’ll be back for rebuttal. And the double voting happens because the voter rolls aren’t clean. And we have evidence that we’ve submitted to the court where people, good people, honest people have taken that and said, “Look, I’ve got two ballots here. Maybe it’s one of my maiden name and one in my married name.” You don’t clean the voter rolls, stuff like that happens. Honest people do what happened here. In some cases, bringing them to us, not voting them, destroying them, whatever it might be. But in a presidential election, perhaps this presidential election where the most passions were high, people felt very strongly and we have 42,284 instances of people voting twice. We have the poll that we’ve submitted showing that of the people who submitted mail votes, approximately 1% of those people say they didn’t cast a ballot at all.

Mr. Binnall: (01:05:27)
Again, something that without the tools of the prosecutor, it’s one of the few ways that we can actually test that. So people are taking other people’s ballots. And there’s been stories about that that has happened. Where people are having their votes specifically stolen. And people that may wish to abstain and not vote at all they’re voting because somebody else decides to vote for them.

Mr. Binnall: (01:05:51)
Your Honor, every single one of these instances that we’ve identified has resulted again in the votes of honest Nevadans being disenfranchised. The only thing to do with this, to avoid the debasement and pollution that comes with the vote fraud and irregularities is to grant the contest and to strike the Biden voters from representing Nevada in the electoral college.

Mr. Binnall: (01:06:28)
We understand that this is an unusual situation, but what we can’t do is turn a blind eye to voter fraud. We’re going to keep being the beacon of representative democracy of the world. When it goes bad, and here, it went bad, we can’t just turn a blind eye to it. That’s not what we do in America. We make it right. We’re asking the court to make it right. And the way to do that is to make sure that improperly elected electors don’t represent Nevada in the electoral college.

Full video of the hearing below:

As GOP member Richard Grenell stated that it was ruled that Nevada machines could be “inspected “, but they were instead given a tour of the facility.

Sounds like the judge’s “affiliations” and contributors need to be investigated. Patriots -what say you?

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