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Watch Alex Jones Get Assaulted on the Streets of Seattle by a Vicious Leftist (Video)

Alex Jones of Infowars.com was attacked on the streets of Seattle by a man who shouted “you’re trash” at him.

Jones was broadcasting live from the street of Seattle to expose liberal bias by showing his viewers how USA Today seemed to be protecting radical Islamist by labeling Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona a “vehicle rampage,” as if the vehicle caused the attack and not the Islamic terrorist behind the wheel.

While Jones was talking, some passerby yelled “you’re trash” at him and continued walking away off camera. Jones quickly approached him and demanded he insult him on camera.


“Tell people intellectually who you are,” Jones, clearly agitated, said.

“Intellectually who I am? I’m your mama,” the passerby said, laughing as he pushed his body against Jones.

Jones told his viewers the man “can’t even talk” and is “a literal slave of the system.” Seconds later, the man — who was on his way to work — poured his coffee on Jones’ face.

To Jones, it was just confirmation of what he already believes. He said the encounter was a prime example of the left’s brainwashing.

“That’s why they’re allied with the jihadist, because they hate the west so much,” Jones concluded, adding, “If you look at that guy, he was physically grotesque.”

Jones was already irritated from another passerby who ran away after insulting him. Jones chased him down and all he did was flip the bird and yip obscenities on camera.

Watch both encounters starting in the video below.


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