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An Oldie But Still A Goodie “Charlie Bit Me” Reaches 866 Million Views (Funny Video)


An oldie but still a goodie, this innocent home video of a baby (Charlie) biting his older brother’s finger is one of those viral videos that you tend to either think is adorably funny or just plain boring. The original video, which was first uploaded to YouTube in 2007, now has a whopping 866 million views. We happened to stumble across the video from recent Youtube recommendation. Perhaps the video is making it’s rounds again.

Harry, Charlie’s older brother, describes the pain he’s feeling in an adorable British accent as his finger is bitten. The video is less than a minute long and it’s one of the most memorable viral videos in all of internet history. Perhaps that could’ve worked in 2007 when YouTube was still new, but these days, it’s a lot more difficult to get your home videos get that kind of attention.

Enjoy watching the video and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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