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NY Woman Attacks Governor Cuomo And Takes A Swing At Him

Nearly every day, the fake news media publishes an ode to the glories of Cuomo or a plaintive wish for him to replace wobbly Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. (Extremely unlikely.)

The spike in Cuomo’s popularity can partly be explained as the usual, but temporary, rallying effect that happens during a crisis. The times are scary, we’re anxious and the governor is looking out for us. He’s our guy.

“No one is going to attack New York unfairly and no one is going to deprive New York of what it needs,” Cuomo said Sunday. “That’s why I’m here.”


It helps that Cuomo has spoken often and emotionally about his own family during the crisis, while also talking about New York as if it were one big family. We are all in this together, he says.

Yes, we are. But these are still divided times.

Already, mostly in conservative circles but also in other places, there’s an emerging counter-narrative claiming Cuomo erred by not shuttering businesses and enforcing social distancing earlier. If Cuomo has performed so well, the critics ask, why is New York the pandemic’s epicenter?

We all know that if the mainstream media show us a hero he is a villain.

This morning a video surfaced where a woman who is visibly angry yells at Governor Cuomo and even takes a swing at him.

Video below:

My first thought was, “she’s crazy.”

But, notice she’s yelling about corruption in Albany, so she’s not that crazy.

When people are pushed so far they can seem crazy to people on the outside looking in.

We don’t know the real story behind this. I wish I could hear her side.

If anyone has more information about this woman feel free to email us.