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‘Peaceful’ ANTIFA Terrorist Punches Reporter Then Watch What Happens (Video)

After Antifa’s numerous and violent attacks on Trump supporters and journalists, the state had no choice but to heighten the group’s classification. Whenever their Antifa assumes power, individual freedom, including of speech and worship, is brutally suppressed.

At this point, Antifa should be classified as a domestic terrorist organization nationwide.

In a recent protest, Jack Posobiec of Rebel TV was reporting on their “cause” when one Antifa punk on a bike rides up and attacks him. Watch the video below!


According to The Black Sphere:

As the police put the terrorists “bracelets” on, he can be heard saying: “For what?” As if he didn’t know why he was being arrested. And in typical Leftist fashion, the lies came.

Antifa terrorists attempted to come to the defense of the attacker, saying,

“He attacked…this was self-defense.”

No surprise the Left defines “self-defense” as an Antifa punk punching a victim in the face then blaming the victim. This guy will make a great rapist or a Leftist politician one day. I apologize for the redundancy.

Ironically, the Left wonders why we believe nothing they say any longer?  Remember in Ferguson how all the eyewitnesses claimed that Darren Wilson just walked up on Michael Brown, Jr and shot him? Hands up, don’t shoot?

And what of the multitude of other lies told by the Left daily? Of the police. Of Conservatives.

Then what of the lies made to cover up the activities of the Left? From Fast and Furious to Hillary Clinton’s bathroom server, Antifa showcases Leftists in all their glory.

Leftists hate the truth because it exposes them and their real agendas.

Later in the video, one Antifa terrorist says to his “bro”,

“I got you [name], I got you [name], I’m on [sic] win this one for you!”

I have to blame the Obama clan for all this stupidity. I have never seen so much violence after an election. I really believe these protesters are paid to create problems. Nobody has time to act that stupid.

If you see who they are you can identify them and determine that they are professional protesters paid by Soros and the DNC!!

Do you thin ANTIFA should be officially classified as a domestic terrorist organization nationwide?

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