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Antifa Terrorist Goes From Anger to HYSTERICAL CRYING After Being Unmasked and Arrested! (Video)


Antifa terrorized Berkeley, CA on Sunday with destructive rioting and sadistic violence against Trump supporters and journalists.

An army of violent left-wing Antifa terrorists wearing all black, covering their faces with masks terrorized Trump supporters and chased them while trying to steal their phones and cameras.

Berkeley Police did little to nothing to stop the violence, but at least one An alt-left protester was arrested Sunday. As she was escorted away in handcuffs she cried hysterically and screamed “f*ck you pigs!” like a lunatic.

These violent agitators can’t handle the consequences of their actions and when they are arrested they go from being tough and destructive to tears and victim-hood.

This is a good example to show that most of these jokers don’t operate on a plane much higher than animals and can hardly think for themselves. It’s no wonder they are easily lead into dressing up and attacking people like it’s some sort game.

Watch the video:

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    • I would have tased her, “accidentally”, of course, just for the fun of it, to shut her up!!!

      • Wrong. Antifa see themselves as neo-revolutionary Marxists who use communist rhetoric in softer terms, but wish for the same outcome that the communists in 1917 Russia had. If a communist revolution were to happen tomorrow in our country, you can guarantee that all of the leftist groups would be actively involved and supporting it, and would rejoice in the communist takeover. Can everybody not see that the lefts support of immigration, multiculturalism and of ‘diversity’ is nothing but a continuation of their desire for an end to our nation as homeland for the Euro-American people? What other purpose does it serve for them?

  1. She was screaming. “I need my Service Animal” ??? If that is indeed correct, she probably draws some sort of disability. That should be immediately rescinded since she is obviously able to go out and “Protest” violently. These Terrorists need to be put down now.

        • Amigorick, great catch! Absolutely, why wouldn’t she have her “SERVICE ANIMAL” with her? Because it would get hurt?
          That’s their thought process…a service animals welfare is more important then your neighbor… Figures!

          • She had her very large dog with her, and the cop saw it and thought that the animal could do some major damage to someone if she had gotten into it with someone. In CA anyone can have a service animal by declaring that any pet they own is a service animal, and pay a $38 registration fee. That actually covers 2 animals. It can be dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or even a snake. Go figure! As far as I know she has no disability except a mental one, known as libralism.

      • Actually she said she needs her FUCKING service animal… Whatever kind of animal is providing her with THAT service is one I fell sorry for…

    • I understand her service animal took her mask.
      Alert the facial recognition techs to search this victim, the publish.

    • I agree! They are a stain on our country! How about we put them all FEMA camps, and feed them when we feel like it!!

    • She had to F****** PIGS—-they were leading her. Heck, they were carrying her. What other kind of service animal do you think she might need? The very best. She was in CAPABLE HANDS! hehehehehehe And I agree, if she is on some sort of disability—it should be investigated and she should be arrested for fraud. Anyone know where we can find more videos of arrests of these antifa types?

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….loved it…made my day…i’m sure they will make sure you get your service animal…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Haha she needs her service animal! Guessing she’s going to have a full on breakdown as soon as that cell door shuts. At least it will be a safe space there in solitary… XD

  4. She gives people who need and use service animals a bad name. Why would you attend such an event if you knew if would cause you to melt down?

  5. Typical cry babies when unmasked and arrested , they should ban protest where they cover up their faces this will whittle it down to almost none protesting or should I say preventing freedom of speech to those who are not being paid to protest peacefully

    • ND did exactly that after the pipeline protests. It is now illegal in ND to wear a mask while protesting. These protesters are afraid of showing their faces because they know what they are doing is wrong and or illegal.

    • Haha, I was thinking the same thing!!! She kept screaming, “I need my f**king service animal”, made me think, is it REALLY her f**king service animal??

  6. I truly believe in people needed service animals. But why would someone who is masking themselves bring an animal to a protest? ANTIfA is hate group. BLM is a hate group. Everyone has the right to protest, but a majority of these idiots do not even know what they are fighting for!

  7. What a whimp!!!! Both of these gangs were produced by the Muslim president we had in office for 8 years. When is someone with the authority going to arrest the Traitor?? I cannot believe nothing is being done about him working against us Americans. He never did anything for this Country except rob us blind. These gangs will find out that he is only using them to reach his own goals.

  8. Most of them are probably on some sort of assistance and getting subsidized by Soros and his gang. That’s why the masks etc; She got found out and started with the language, tears etc;
    You play with the bull, you get the horn sooner or later.
    For the Berkeley Police Department to stand down most of the day is a disgrace to the Uniform and the citizens of the City who pay their salaries. Whoever the Mayor of Police chief are, they both should be turfed and replaced.

  9. These people need a reality check. They have so much time and energy – send them to Texas where real American citizens are hoping to pick up the piece and survive.
    Shameful, disgusting people.

    • No, absolutely do NOT send them to Texas! Texas is dealing with enough right now with Harvey, they do not, I repeat, DO NOT need whiney, self centered brats who violently strike out at anyone who looks at them cross eyed or says something they don’t like.

  10. All those officers for one person? What there were no other to arrest? Puts me in the mind of Penndot 8 men to look down a hole and one other to stand in it and look up at the other 8 and all doing nothing else all day.

    • No one said it was a dog. She just kept saying “service animal”. That could be a rat, bird or even her lover. I would be curious to find out what that “animal” is.

  11. Rebuild the Mental Institutions …Like the Veritas Video said……The Communists use the mentally ill ….Quote…”We use the mentally ill, they will do anything”
    Now you know why they shut down all the mental institutions.

  12. She needs her service animal. Was that another torrorist antifa thug she wanted to go to jail with her, or was she talking about her dog? The world may never know……

  13. If she truly has a service animal it’s probably an alligator or piranha in a tank. I think they should all be unmasked whether they are arrested or not. If you hold an opinion you’re willing to do violence to promote, why should you cover your face. To instill fear in the public? That’s terrorism!

  14. About dam time they started unmasking them and arresting these people as terrorist. Every state need to start enforcing the laws. A long with federal government .If more people email and call all elected officials DEMOCRATS and republicans of thier states demand them to start enforcing the laws we are tired of the bull shit these people are getting away with

  15. Not so tough now, huh?!!! Service animal? How is this heifer disabled? Are you kidding me? She can be out in the streets rioting but not get a job? Makes my blood boil!

    • If only one of the police had said that & caught that bitch’s reaction on video! Can you imagine the no of likes?

  16. The Bible says spare the rod spoil the child,,,all these terrorists antifas are as spoiled as a 3 day old dead carcass,,,they are ruined cuz either they got their way or didn’t get their ass beat but atleast it’s good to know teargass is just as good as a belt

  17. Not so tough anymore. The cat is out of the bag or should I say the Service animal is out of the bag. If they are so brave why do they cover their faces???? Put he/she in jail and throw the key

  18. Psychologists say that those with Gender Dysphoria are “”MENTALLY DUSTURBED””.Obviously, with the man clothes and shaved head she is.Service animal??! Dragging an innocent dog into that self created nightmare is “ANIMAL CRUELTY.” SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO HAVE ANY ANIMAL. What a shame that she would do something to jeopardize it’s life and safety. LOCK THEM ALL UP AND TEACH THEM A LESSON. — Why aren’t the Innocents carrying mace or pepper spray-????!!!!!!

  19. Sweetie u look like u ate ur service animal fatty. Ur a disrespectful piece a shit. Kill urself. Ur never going to be anything. Ur parents are so disappointed.

  20. You pussies call that a terrorist? I’m a Jerusalemite. I know terrorists of all kinds. That’s just a protester. If she strikes terror in your little Nazi hearts, you would be pissing down your legs halfway through my trip from home to office. Wimps.

  21. if you can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen! my MAMA, use to say and the other quote you reap what you sowe, you sowe hatred you pay for the reap!! so keep arresting these masked cowards, they think they are untouchable, which they are not a few nights in a padded cell and a valium will calm her down or just give her a joint she’ll love every one after a few hits. even the cops lolololol!!!

  22. I hope they burn Berkeley down for giving them permission to protest. Berkeley police did nothing. If I was paid $8.50 an hour hell I wouldn’t do anything either. And the Left says Antifa is a peaceful group. If anybody votes for a Dem in the next election well stupid is what stupid does. Trump was right both side were guilty. CNN did you idiots watch this. To you I guess this is peaceful. I know you will never show this clip. Why, because your in Clintons pocket. Tell me CNN how’s it feel to own your own company and be controlled by an outsider. ( Clinton) I sure am glad I don’t own any of you stock. Which by the way has taken a nose dive.

  23. the problem in America sexually confused people living on the government’s dime but can’t go to work but can get out there and protest she doesn’t deserve a service animal she needs a psychiatrist

  24. Looking at this ugly creature, I am reminded of why Eugenics is a good idea. . . . We should not let creatures like this have children. This degeneracy must stop.

    I’m fairly certain she is a service animal, one they have failed to properly train.

  25. I once made the comment if I was reincarnated I wish I came back as a dog. It would be my luck I’d end up with the likes of her. 😭

  26. What a sad state of affairs that someone that is so emotionally unstable that they need a “service animal”, should be rioting, and trying define what is best for the country, when they don’t even know what’s best for themselves. This is a perfect example as to how unbalanced these extremists are. And they want to taken seriously?!?$##@!? Unbelievable!

  27. Antifa wants people to flock to their weak and even nonexistent cause. They make the same mistake as other similar organizations, which is violence, civil disobedience, and chaos. The only people they draw to their side is others who are just as violent such as criminals and society’s losers. Look at ISIS…perfect example. So yeah, cover your faces for us, because that is what criminals do and it helps society to identify you and other losers will join you because it looks like a game.

  28. She needs her “f*cking service animal”? Does this mean an animal provides her with sexual intercourse “service”??

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