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ANTIFA Terrorists Try To Stop A Baby Lives Matter Rally – Police Let Them Know That Wasn’t a Good Idea (Video)

ANTIFA terrorists in black bloc uniform tried to fight with the police Saturday afternoon on the outskirts of an anti-abortion “Baby Lives Matter” rally in Santa Monica.

The Commiefornia police reacted rather surprisingly in this case and defended the pro-life protesters!

ANTIFA terrorists found out that things don’t go well when you try to scuffle with the police. The video below shows Antifa dressed in black bloc after they tried to get up in the face of the anti-abortion folks. The police were trying to separate the two groups and that’s when it got out of hand with Antifa pushing back against the cops. Police had their batons and used them to help move the Antifa folks back, pushing some of them to the ground.


“F*** antifa!” the anti-abortion group could be heard yelling from across the barricades after officers with horses and batons forced the counter-protesters back.

After the scuffle, police separated the two sides more effectively, adding two layers of police tape to create a no-person’s-land.

Videos below:

The opponents and supporters of abortion access yelled at each other from across the police line, until the supporters left.

In the one situation that led to an arrest, a man ended up on the ground from his bike. An anti-abortion man claimed “he ran me over”

Video below:

Following a confrontational conversation with police, officers forcefully arrested only the biker.

Following the dueling rallies in the park, the “Baby Lives Matter” group marched onto the pier in Santa Monica, with officers escorting them along the way.