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Because LA Didn’t Remove Homeless Camps, Home and Business Owners Pay for Planters to Keep Sidewalks Clear – Watch What the City Council Sends Immediately

City crews in Hollywood removed planters along Highland Boulevard on Monday that local business owners had placed to deter homeless encampments. This action followed an initial postponement and a lengthy period of frustration for the businesses involved.

Local business owners installed the planters in May after dealing with what they described as over two years of obstruction caused by the encampments. According to them, the presence of homeless encampments deterred patrons due to trash, feces, and an increase in crime. They claimed the planters were effective in keeping the sidewalks clear of these encampments.

Before taking matters into their own hands, business owners reported making multiple requests to LA city officials and the mayor’s office, all of which went unanswered. Despite these efforts, the city posted notices on the planters last Friday, deeming them obstructions because the business owners had not obtained the necessary permits.


“We understand the frustration that local businesses feel about this issue, and we encourage residents to follow the legal process and work with the city to obtain the proper permits to install community beautification projects in the public right of way,” said a spokesperson for Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martínez.

Leading up to the scheduled removal on Monday, some business owners, including Andrew Monheim of Monheim Microphones, were prepared to obstruct city workers. Monheim mentioned plans to chain the planters down in an attempt to prevent their removal.


The situation highlights the ongoing tension between local businesses, the city’s homeless population, and municipal regulations. While business owners felt compelled to take direct action to address their concerns, the city’s response shows that they care more about destroying the city instead of it’s citizens!