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BLM Co-Founder Makes a TOTAL FOOL Out of Herself by Making RIDICULOUS Claim About President Trump

The Black Lives Matter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, recently spoke out against President Trump and claimed tat he is trying to “kill our communities” and compared it to the genocide Hitler perpetrated against Jewish people.

Cullors said their organization is refusing to meet with the President based on their ridiculous claims and called him the “epitome of evil.”

It’s laughable that she claims Trump wants to “kill our communities” when we have statistics, like Democrat run Chicago under the Presidency of Barack Obama, that had its deadliest year in almost twenty years in 2016. According to Chicago PD, 762 people were killed which is an increase of about 58% since 2015.


We have Democrats wanting to flood the country with criminals from foreign lands and take away our constitutional right to defend ourselves, but Trump it’s trying to “kill our communities?”

Cullors apparently has no clue what Hitler stood for and what he did if she really believes Donald Trump, who has done nothing more than try to enforce immigration laws to protected our country, is comparable to Hitler.

It’s pretty clear where Cullors really stands when she claims capitalism is evil. She is nothing more than a communist who believes in enslaving taxpayers to pay leftists who don’t want to pull their own weight and work for a living.

Americans are sick and tired of the Alt-Left and the mainstream media giving them a platform to make such ridiculous attacks on the President and hard working, law abiding Americans who support him.

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