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Video: BLM Rioters Brutally Beat A White Man In-Front Of The Police – No Media Coverage

The grand jury indicted one Louisville officer in connection to the March 13 killing, but for shooting into a home next to Taylor’s that had people in it.

No charges were brought against the two officers who fired their weapon at Taylor, in her home.

Prosecutors said they were justified in using force to protect themselves after they were shot at.
But the riots didn’t stop.


Protests continued in New York and around the country over a grand jury’s decision not to charge the Louisville, Kentucky, police officers in Breonna Taylor’s death.

Hundreds marched through Brooklyn from the Barclays Center to the Brooklyn Bridge, where they sat and refused to move for over an hour.

These protests are also against police brutality but BLM seems to forget that they still get protection even if the rioters attack the police all the time!

While I was on the field I caught a situation where a white man was brutally beaten by a BLM mob while the police were just watching.

Video below:

BLM justified the attack by saying that they already told the man to leave but he refused.
The mainstream media remained silent and no arrests were made!

That’s what happens when your Radical Democratic Mayor, and Governor don’t back law enforcement! They have taken all the tools to contain a riot from them!!! It’s horrific what is happening in these cities!

In any case, its videos like this, the mom in Ohio getting tased and arrested for not wearing a mask at a football game, and all the Christians being arrested for singing in public that makes me wonder why I back the blue sometimes. I want to but the blue gotta earn it. Trust doesn’t come free.