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Breaking! Top Conservative Radio Host To Join Fox News With New Primetime Show After Labor Day


After Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Shine and Charles Payne, Fox News’ host of news show “The Specialists” Eric Bolling were accused of sexual impropriety FOX News rating started to go down and the things are not looking great for them!

The Liberals target anyone for sexual impropriety when they disagree with their fake news practices. They are doing their best to slowly knock down any conservative on Fox News!

Luckily we have some good news when it comes to FOX News, as they aim to hire one great conservative radio host!

After Labor Day, it is expected that the owner and founder of Lifezette, Laura Ingraham will make her debut. She is close to signing an agreement for a prime-time show.

Western Journalism adds that The Examiner report suggested that if Ingraham takes the 9 p.m. time slot once held by Megyn Kelly, that slot might be the center of an epic rating battle among MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Ingraham and CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who is reportedly under consideration for a primetime show called Cuomo Prime Time.

Fox has had a fluid primetime schedule since January, when Tucker Carlson took over Kelly’s 9 p.m. slot, then moved to 8 p.m. after longtime host Bill O’Reilly and Fox parted ways. The Five then moved to the 9 p.m. slot.

Some have suggested Fox News stalwart Sean Hannity might move to 9 p.m., giving Ingraham the 10 p.m. slot he currently occupies.

However, The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers said he thinks the 9 p.m. slot is Ingraham’s for the taking.

“My guess is that Ingraham would take over a 9 p.m. time slot in desperate need of stability — and a host who can consistently beat MSNBC’s, Rachel Maddow. Ingraham’s show would be the fourth to hold the 9 o’clock spot in less than a year,” Borchers wrote.

Borchers said Fox needs a rating winner.

“Megyn Kelly averaged 3.3 million in the first quarter of this year, before moving up to 8 p.m. when Bill O’Reilly was fired. Both Kelly and Carlson ranked second in cable news viewership, behind O’Reilly. But The Five, featuring an ensemble cast, slipped to fourth place in the second quarter, two spots behind Maddow, with 2.5 million viewers,” he wrote.

Brent Baker, the vice president of the Media Research Center, told the Washington Examiner it “makes sense to put a woman back in the slot vs. Maddow.”

If you ask me we need more truth tellers, people who are not afraid to stand up to power. One of them is Laura Ingraham. She does her homework and speaks the truth – but not many people want to admit the truth. They just want to see Trump fail…

They lie and have such propaganda machine running. Mainstream media can’t even see what harm they are doing to the Nation! Unless it’s on purpose of course.

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  1. fox is loosing veiwers rapidly thanks to sevral cast members who everyone knows but i wont mention . to ad more people to the line up may not help fox at all ! in fact it may hinder we have seen to many come and go on fox and some might want to question am i safe working here . the network dosent seem to protect their people from insane accusations and they are removed from their post not to be ablie to defend theirself or tell what really happend . if it was me being considerd for a primetime position on that network i would have a lawyer on retainer and maybe with me at all times ! PS watch your back laura your great and god bless ya .

  2. Laura will be great. i will be watching once again. Thank you giving us another truth sayer.Three cheers for FOX NEWS.

  3. Laura Ingrahm is the best of the best! Fox News had just better hope they can get her. She will be a big asset to this network; they are losing so many viewers. And ifanyone can help them to regain some of these viewers, it would be Laura.

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