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BREAKING: Virginia Democrat Sentenced for VOTER FRAUD

Is it any surprise that Democrats commit practically all voter fraud in this country?

They have encouraged it for decades by resisting voter identification laws, being caught on hidden camera encouraging it and their leader Barrack Obama even went as far and encouraging foreigners to vote by announcing nothing will happen to them.

Every time you turn around, there’s a new case of voter fraud popping up, and 9 times out of 10, a Democrat is involved.

The conviction and sentencing of Democrat operative Andrew Spieles for registering dead people to vote on Tuesday will hopefully encourage more people to come forward and reveal more voter fraud and help put more voter identification laws into place to keep Democrats from illegally interfering in the election process.

Spieles will be spending time in 100 days in prison for falsifying 18 voter registration forms last August.

He got off easy. if you ask me, he should have been sentenced a full year!

Washington Examiner reports:

A James Madison University student was sentenced to prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to registering dead voters for the Democratic Party during the 2016 election.

Andrew Spieles, 21, was given a 100-day prison sentence in federal court for falsifying 18 Virginia voter registration forms last August. A judge waived any fees associated with the charges due to an inability to pay the fine, and Spieles will not have to serve any probation following his jail-time.

Voter fraud is punishable by up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but Spieles was able to enter a plea agreement with Assistant United States Attorney Jeb Terrien that limited his sentence to between 100 and 120 days behind bars.

Spieles worked as a Democratic campaign operative during its voter registration drive, and admitted that he prepared the false voter registration forms by obtaining the name, age, and address of individuals from “walk sheets” provided to him by the Virginia Democratic Party. He fabricated a birth date based on the ages listed in the walk sheet, and fabricated the social security numbers, the Justice Department said.

Spieles said he acted alone, and was not told by anyone else in the party to create fake voters.

Law enforcement was contacted last August after an employee at the Harrisonburg, Va., Registrar’s Office identified a registration form submitted in the name of the deceased father of a Rockingham County judge. The Registrar’s Office then discovered more instances of falsified forms as it reviewed additional registrations. Additional registrations were found to be in the names of deceased people, while others contained inaccurate or incorrect information, including wrong middle names, birth dates and social security numbers.

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