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Camera Catches USPS Worker Throw Away GOP Campaign Ads

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says an unidentified postal worker threw away a bundle of his campaign mailers fliers Friday.

He tweeted yesterday:

A US Postal worker was just caught on video throwing a stack of my campaign mailers in a dumpster. Some patriots nearby heard a noise when she tossed them in & went to investigate. They found a stack of them and called me. No wonder people are skeptical of mail in voting.

Sheriff Troy Nehls is a republican candidate running for Texas’ 22nd Congressional District. He said the postal worker was caught on video throwing a stack of his campaign mailers in the trash.
The business owner showed Nehls the video footage in which a postal worker can be seen throwing an object in the dumpster behind a building near FM 359. The owner said when he went to go retrieve what was thrown away, he found Nehls’ reelection campaign fliers.
Within minutes, Nehls said he visited the business to retrieve the mailers.

The sheriff shared a picture of his fliers in the dumpster:

Video below:

What will happen if we have voe by mail in November and postal workers decide to alter the results of the elections?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Saturday that his office has found evidence of “a lot of voter fraud” involving mail-in ballots and applauded court rulings rejecting expanded access to vote-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Paxton, a Republican, said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that the GOP-controlled state Legislature has the right to steer clear of universal mail-in ballots.

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court kept in place a lower court order blocking a request from state Democratic leaders to expand the mail option, at least while the case is being litigated.

President Trump celebrated the decision.

“Big WIN in Texas on Mail-In Ballots!” he tweeted.

Voting by mail in Texas is generally limited to those 65 or older or those with a “sickness or physical condition” that prevents voting in person. The Texas GOP has argued that fear of getting the virus doesn’t qualify as a disability under the law.

Do you think there will be more voter fraud if people vote by mail?

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