Home Politics After Charlottesville Condoleezza Rice Has An Important History Lesson For Liberal Snowflakes

After Charlottesville Condoleezza Rice Has An Important History Lesson For Liberal Snowflakes

Anti-Trump leftist terrorists had toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina.

“No KKK! No fascists! USA!” many protesters chanted as the statue came down.

Now, this has come back to bite them in a huge way.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said that officers are working to identify the protesters involved in Monday night’s incident so that they can be arrested and charged, Fox News reported.

One of the greatest woman politicians that we have ever had Condoleezza Rice also came out with a statement that many liberal snowflakes might not want!

According to the Independent Journal Review :

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stopped by “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to talk about her latest book, “Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom.” Part of that road, of course, involved slavery and the Civil War.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade came out of the gate strong: “I want to talk about where your book starts, and that’s our constitution […] As an African-American woman, do you see yourself in this constitution? Do you think that, when we look at nine of our first twelve presidents as slave owners, should we start taking their statues down and say, we’re embarrassed by you?”

In a word, “no,” said Rice. “I am a firm believer in ‘keep your history before you.’ So I don’t actually want to rename things that were named for slave owners. I want us to have to look at those names, and realize what they did, and be able to tell our kids what they did and for them to have a sense of their own history.” Rice, currently a Senior Fellow at the Stanford School of Business, said, “When you start wiping out your history; sanitizing your history to make you feel better? It’s a bad thing.”

She then took a quick trip through the constitution as it relates to blacks in America. Noting that her ancestors were originally counted as three-fifths of a man, how her father faced trouble in 1952 trying to register to vote in Birmingham, Alabama, and how, in 2005, she stood in the Ben Franklin Room of the State Department and was administered an oath of office by a Jewish woman Supreme Court justice. “That’s the story of America,” she said. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other slave owners were ‘people of their times.’ What we should celebrate is that from the Jefferson’s and the Washington’s as slave owners, look at where we are now.”

If you want a role model and someone with intellect and class, that’s Condi Rice. She makes Hillary and Michelle look like the lightweight, conniving opportunists that they are. They need props and excuses – Rice doesn’t.

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