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Christian Street Preacher Arrested After Shouting “Mohammed Is a Liar” (Video)

Police arrested a group of street preachers including a British army major after they shouted “Mohammed is a liar” and “Allah is the greatest deceiver.”

An angry mob of around 150 people surrounded the men in Broadmead, Bristol after they told onlookers that being gay was “immoral.”

The Daily Mail reported:


The three devoted Christians were using microphones and holding up placards before police intervened and arrested the men to cheers from onlookers.

Major Adrian Clark, 51, and evangelical Christian preachers Michael Overd, 52, from Creech St Michael, near Taunton, and American Michael Stockwell, 50, from Selden, New York, are standing trial at Bristol Magistrates Court.

They deny using religiously aggravated threatening or abusive words or behaviour.

A witness told the court that Clark, Overd, and Stockwell were there ‘to pick a fight’.

Prosecuting, Ian Jackson said the preachers took a ‘tag team’ approach taking it in turns to speak using a microphone on the podium outside Boots.

He told the court that the incident took place on the first day of the Muslim festival of Eid.

The men preached about Islam, Buddhism, and even Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as sex before marriage and sexuality, leaving onlookers shocked.

The prosecutor said there began a ‘considerable degree of hostility’ from the crowd.

The men had refused to turn down their amplifier after being asked by a nearby trader.

Eventually the crowd began to chant ‘go home’ at the preachers before the police were called and the men arrested.

Mr Jackson said the Crown’s case is that the men crossed the line.

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