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Close-Up Video: Biden Completes His Toddler Transformation – Handlers Put Him on Live TV with a Huge Stain of Unknown Origin on His Suit

Unless Joe Biden de-ages 20 years and shakes the mental issues that have latched onto him like barnacles, we’re bound to read more stories about his rapid decrepitude. We’ve known for years that Joe Biden is cooked. The liberal media finally can’t defend him anymore, lest they look like reporters from North Korea. Olivia Nuzzi at New York Magazine penned a damning and brutal piece about Joe Biden’s state of decline, which includes the president forgetting the names of longtime friends. Others who get access to these swanky events told Nuzzi that they might be unable to vote for Biden in 2024 because they don’t know if he’s in charge.

President Joe Biden’s team faced another embarrassing episode when the President appeared on live television during Independence Day celebrations with a noticeable stain on his suit. The stain, which many speculated to be either poop or food, quickly became the focal point of the broadcast, overshadowing the patriotic festivities.

Watch the close-up video below:


Despite the ongoing blunders, the Biden campaign is adamant that the President will remain in the race for re-election. This stance was reinforced through a slew of campaign emails from both the Democratic Party and the Biden Campaign, emphasizing Biden’s commitment to his presidential bid.

These are official campaign emails!

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