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CNN Live Shot Heckled By Trump Supporters — ‘CNN is fake news!’ (Video)

CNN isn’t receiving a warm welcome from Texans who showed up in multitudes yesterday to support President Trump.

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny  was doing a live spot while a Trump supporter yelled off-camera “CNN is fake news!”

Later in the video another person off-camera yelled “What about Antifa?”


Another heckler is heard off-camer yelling “CNN is ISIS!”

Zeleny, a senior White House correspondent for CNN showed little reaction to the heckling while he was trying to paint the President as someone who is “learning empathy.”

I didn’t know CNN reporters could read minds, but I guess they can do that too!

Watch the video:


Speaking of empathy, I think Zeleny needs to preach to the other reporters at CNN about empathy. Trump has plenty of empathy and has shown his concern for others time and time again.

Another CNN reporter was trying to interview a woman with her children, who was dire need of help and it was apparent the reporter was clueless and insensitive to her situation.

The woman got upset and went off on the reporter for getting in people’s faces there and trying to interview them when they are in such distress.

The woman being interviewed said, “Ya’ll trying to interview people during their worst time. That’s not a smart thing to do. Like people are really breaking down and ya’ll are sittin’ here with cameras and microphones trying to ask what the f*ck is wrong with us.”

“You really trying to stand with a microphone in my face when my children are wet — my kids are cold and you still putting a microphone in my face!”

Watch the video:

This lady was saying what we all think when the idiotic reporters try and corner someone right after a disaster. Can you believe how Jim Acosta plays it off? “Sounds like you’ve got a very upset lady right there” What in the world?!

This poor lady was stranded for days with young children not knowing if she would be rescued.

We couldn’t agree with her more! This is epic and will probably be pulled so watch while you can!

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