Home Culture WATCH: Famous Columnist Filmed SAVAGELY Stabbing an Effigy of President Trump

WATCH: Famous Columnist Filmed SAVAGELY Stabbing an Effigy of President Trump

If you stand up against the UN’s agenda for illegal immigrants and Islamic state, you will be bullied, slandered and deemed an evil force against the world!

Guadalupe Loaeza, a member of Mexico’s so-called intellectual elite decided to celebrate her 71 birthday by repeatedly stabbing a President Donald Trump piñata in her backyard.

A feisty journalist took her dislike for President Donald Trump to the next level during some colorful birthday celebrations. Watch the video below!


The outspoken columnist was filmed stabbing a President Donald Trump piñata at her birthday celebrations, leaving guests in fits of giggles, according to Mirror.

Loaeza, who writes for the Mexican newspaper Reforma, captioned the footage: “A big birthday present!!!”.

She later added a personal message directly for the President of the United States, which said: “Come on, leave us in peace! You do not understand what Mexico is.”

She stabbed the paper doll at least 56 times before stopping to catch her breath and the video ended.

The 71-year-old Guadalupe Loaeza, who also writes novels, posted the footage online to vent her rage.

Since his inauguration and even during the campaign, President Trump was outspoken about his views against Mexican migrants, saying he would build a wall to prevent them from entering the US.

The wall has not been built as yet but the comments sparked a lot of anger with Mexicans.

But not all netizens were impressed by the novelist’s actions, calling her out for attention seeking.

Too bad she’s not as funny as she thinks she is!

I feel sorry for this Lady. She honestly seems so full of hate.

The only way to stop these type of actions is to start arresting those people for threats against our President and the government!

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