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Confirmed: Texas Attorney General Announced 58,000 Non-Citizens Voted In 2018 Election


It is now apparent that the reason why Democrats don’t want to secure our border is because it would take away from their voter base. They do not want a wall because they know it would work both to stop illegal immigration but also politically for President Trump.

We knew voter fraud was rampant, but the latest report indicates it’s worst than we thought.

Texas AG Ken Paxton announced on Twitter that 58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas alone, on multiple occasions.

Texas Secretary of State David Whitley announced on Friday the results of a year-long investigation into voter fraud.

Whitley said his office has identified 95,000 non-citizens who are currently registered to vote in of Texas — 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more election.

Texas Secretary of State spokesman Sam Taylor says they “are very confident” the citizenship data used is current.

Voting rights activists called the numbers suspect and expressed concerns that eligible voters will wind up being purged from voter rolls.

Texas in recent years has aggressively prosecuted voter fraud cases and has one of the nation’s toughest voter ID laws.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued the following statement on the matter:

“Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice. We’re honored to have partnered with the Texas Secretary of State’s office in the past on voter initiatives and we will spare no effort in assisting with these troubling cases. My Election Fraud Unit stands ready to investigate and prosecute crimes against the democratic process when needed. We have obtained a number of successful non-citizen voter fraud convictions, including prison sentences for Rosa Ortega in Tarrant County and Laura Garza in Montgomery County. And earlier this month, investigators from our office arrested Marites Curry, a non-citizen charged with illegal voting in Navarro County. Nothing is more vital to preserving our Constitution than the integrity of our voting process, and my office will do everything within its abilities to solidify trust in every election in the state of Texas. I applaud Secretary of State Whitley for his proactive work in safeguarding our elections.”


  1. In Canada we take measures to stop fraud. Lists are NEW every election. Photo ID is a must. Advanced voting is very limited and strictly controlled. Fraud is severely punished with extreme fines and jail time. Ballots are filled in by pencil (no electronic voting), choices are extremely clear and are immediately examined and counted by all of the political parties TOGETHER, as soon as the polls close. Results from the entire country are known within a few minutes. A Canadian ballot has one and only one choice on it, meaning we never include “other” election races or issues on a ballot. Canada takes elections seriously and conduct them like professionals because the will of the people is recognized, in spirit and practice, to be the heart and soul of the very nation. America’s core problem is Gerrymandering which helps Dems gain power. Gerrymandering allows the Dems to belittle and minimize the force of the voting individual. This means, the more Dems in power, the more they can twist the system to their favor. The great shame of America is that it doesn’t take it’s most sacred trust seriously at all, rather, it plays dangerous games, as if it was a meaningless toy. Say “racist” to a Republican, and he will roll over and let the Dems continue to bastardize the system. The tombstone over America will, one day, say: They were either too stupid, cowardly or corrupt to run an election properly so the bad guys ran the place into the ground… which one is irrelevant because the result was the same.


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