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She Might Be Expelled From Congress – Ilhan Omar Says the Quiet Part Out Loud and It’s Time Americans Believe Her (Video)

Rep. Ilhan Omar, an evidenced antisemite, has often suggested in various ways that anyone who supports Israel has “dual loyalty” and is somehow being paid off by Jews. Ironically, she’s the one who has a real dual loyalty problem, or worse, a singular loyalty to a foreign nation.

During a recent speech, of which clips are now going viral, Omar left nothing to the imagination. She proclaimed to the crowd that Somalis control the U.S. government and that it exists to “safeguard the interests of Somalia.” She also stated that she is Somalian first and Muslim second. There was no mention of any allegiance to the United States despite her serving in its Congress.

This isn’t surprising to anyone who has been paying attention, but Ilhan Omar clearly is feeling comfortable enough to say the quiet part out loud now.


Video below:

Reporting on the speech is sketchy as to the location, however a banner can be seen in the video with a partial date and location of “(Janua)ary 27, 2024…(Ho)tel Minneapolis”, indicating the speech was given in Minneapolis on Saturday; and Omar repeatedly addressing Minnesotans in her speech.

The speech also sparked controversy over Omar’s remarks about Somali ethno-nationalism and her expressing a desire to reclaim land from neighboring countries and issues with Somaliland.

YouTube transcript of an excerpt of the speech (lightly edited for formatting):

A lot of people call me asking: Ilhan You should talk to the US gov. What will the US gov do? My answer was the US gov will do what we tell it to do. We should have that confidence as Somalis. We live in this country We pay its taxes. It is the country where your own daughter is a congresswoman. As long as I am in the congress, others will not take Somalia’s territorial waters. The US gov will not support others to take what’s ours. So don’t worry about that dear Minnesota. You got your lady in the congress. She is well aware and feel what you’re feeling. As for President Hassan Sheikh (of Somalia) I’m saying: we are very happy because of you. Because of the great work you did. You have showed Somalis and others that no matter how much problems we have as Somalis, we are capable people. We are people who know their country. People that never in their history….(inaudible) people that their country can never be put in danger. So want to congratulate the people of Minnesota and Somalis everywhere for sticking together (like my uncle said). And also how all of you stood by our President Because he needs all of us to stand by him. Somalia is for Somali people. Somalia is one. We are all brothers and sisters. Our land cannot be divided. There are other lands that we are missing which we’ll seek insha allah one day. But for the land we got now it will not be divided. So thank you all for honoring me and welcoming me always.

Omar posted a response to the criticism on Sunday:

Americans aren’t too happy with her statement and want her gone from Congress.

Chaya Raichik: “Ilhan Omar hates America”

Attorney Marina Medvin, “Ilhan Omar, an American congresswoman, tells Somalians that she is Somalian first, Muslim second, and… [no, American wasn’t even mentioned]. Oh, and she says that her primary job in Congress is to protect Somali interests.”

Journalist Alessandra Bocchi, “Amazing speech by Ilhan Omar. She’s proudly claiming Somalia is for Somalians, that their brotherhood is tied by blood, that Somalia comes first, that Muslims come second, and that she is using the US to protect her nation’s interests. Besides the blood and soil rhetoric which is virtually indistinguishable from the “white supremacists” she rallies against in the country where she was elected, she’s openly admitting to unethical conduct in US office that is tantamount to treason.

Lib of Tik Tok: Good question: “.@SpeakerJohnson when will Republicans hold a vote to expell (sic) Ilhan Omar from Congress? She’s a traitor to America. Santos was expelled for less.”

Laura Loomer: “.@SpeakerJohnson How is it that you guys expelled @MrSantosNY George Santos from Congress, but you won’t expel this jihadist from Congress? She just admitted on video to working for another country, that is controlled by jihadists, from “inside the US System”. This is TREASON.”

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The calls for removing Omar from Congress are even bigger now and the GOP need to seize this opportunity and remove her!