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Cool Picture of Trump Browsing Music on His Tablet, and We Have to Say He Has Great Taste, Frankly

Donald Trump’s relationship with music has been a tumultuous one. During his presidency, Trump faced criticism and backlash from several musicians who opposed his policies and rhetoric.

Some artists even went as far as to threaten legal action if Trump continued to use their music at his campaign events. Others backed him up and visited the White House to show their support.

The former president, with his background in the entertainment business, understands the importance of music and keeps using it in his political, business, and private endeavors.


And the latest photo from Mar-A-Lago shows who really Trump listens to when he is enjoy in his private life:

Good old Frank! Great taste, frankly.

“I’ve always had a high aptitude for music,” Trump said on the podcast. “But I love great music.” The former president has been known to enjoy classic rock and roll and has been seen dancing to the music of Elton John, the Beach Boys, and of course, Village People at various events. Trump is still into Frank Sinatra, whose music he often played at his campaign events.