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Day 4 at California Online School And They’re Already Bringing in Marxism – Angry Parent Offers Video Proof

Communism has long been regarded with fear in the US, viewed as antithetical to American values and democracy. The US spent much of the 20th century in the battle against it, seeking to contain it in Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere, hot wars fought as part of the cold war with the Soviet Union.

Decades were spent attempting to root out communism at home, including during the first red scare following the first world war and the second red scare of the 1940s and 1950s, in which Senator Joseph McCarthy led “investigations” to out suspected communists in government and public life. Accusations of communism, as well as socialism, continue to be leveled by conservatives against mainstream liberal politicians, including Barack Obama.

But the U.S. education system has failed and it seems that a huge piece of the liberal youth seeks refuge in the claws of communism.


One angry patriot decided to share very disturbing information about what his kid is learning during his online classes.

Guy named Matt Moss aka @jerrymmoss explains what his child is being exposed to with California online learning. He spoke to the principal today and she flat out told him that the school is working with BLM.

Video below:

A counter-terrorism expert John Guandolo believes the riots that have taken place across the country are a “coordinated effort” by Marxist and communist groups.

He singled out Antifa and Black Lives Matter as “communist organizations” during an appearance on The Kyle Olson Show.

This news haven’t been reported by our major news outlets, but you can help this brave American patriot and make it viral!