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Watch Deranged “She-Pirate” With Gun, Wave Machete and Threaten Trump in West Hollywood (Video)

On Thursday, a deranged woman dressed in black clothing with skulls imprinted on them was terrorizing the public outside of a swanky boutique owned by the Kardashians in West Hollywood.

The “she-pirate” waved a machete around was ranted about Cuba, communists, President Trump and the Kardashians, who she threatened would be killed if they set foot on Cuban soil.

Police reported that the woman was in the store less than an hour earlier and pointed a gun at the clerk.


The “butt-crack queen” threatened a reporter, Hal Eisner and his photographer, Gary Brainard, who were on the scene capturing the story. She threatened to stab them and implied she would shoot them if they followed her.

The police are on the lookout for here.

Fox 11 West Hollywood reported:

It was after 1:00pm, my photographer Gary Brainard and I were doing what we do all the time. We were assigned to go by DASH, the Kardashian’s West Hollywood clothing store, to find out about an altercation. We were told a woman with a gun went in, pointed it at the clerk and messed up shelves of clothing.

As we were outside a woman came out of nowhere ranting about the Kardashians. Her sentences were filled with expletives, but in essence she threatened…”They’ll be (expletive) executed. You hear me? The Kardashians will be executed if they step on communist territory.” She ranted about Cuba and the Castros. As she turned around…looking at that point, we were frozen in place – not really knowing what was happening. We were just on autopilot. It’s not the first time we’ve seen people go on a rant. She even started rambling about President Trump and the United Nations.

It’s just the first time at least for this reporter, somebody said “do you (expletive) want to get stabbed” – while brandishing a machete.

That was upsetting and, I think ate seen someone waving a machete.

Well, The next thing we know the woman waving the machete shoves it in an opening of the locked door of the store.

Deputies say the unidentified behind the counter, knocked the items off the counter and that’s when she said “stay away from Cuba.”

Why she said that is totally unknown, but she also rambled about Cuba before our camera started to roll.

After she shoved the machete into the door she started walking down the sidewalk…I followed a few steps…yelled “Lady” to get her attention” she turned and said to me, “Don’t follow me…I have a gun.”

Watch the video:

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