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Did DMX Take A COVID-19 Vaccine Before Suffering A Heart Attack That Killed Him?

DMX, the raspy-voiced hip-hop artist behind the songs “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” and “Party Up (Up in Here)” who had one of rap’s most distinctive voices — literally and metaphorically — has died, according to a statement Friday from his family. He was 50.

The Grammy-nominated performer died after suffering “catastrophic cardiac arrest,” according to a statement from the hospital in White Plains, New York, where he died. He was rushed there from his home on April 2.

His family’s statement said DMX, whose birth name was Earl Simmons, died with relatives by his side after several days on life support.


“Earl was a warrior who fought till the very end. He loved his family with all of his heart, and we cherish the times we spent with him,” the family said, adding that his music “inspired countless fans across the world, and his iconic legacy will live on forever.”

The family didn’t mention anything about his alleged drug overdose or about the allegations that he took a Covid Vaccine, days before suffering the cardiac arrest.

The sole source for the rumor that DMX took a vaccine shortly before his heart attack is an unnamed “family member” that was quoted in an article by MTO News. The alleged family member allegedly said:

“[DMX] got the vaccine when they opened it up to people over 50. He got it so that he could go travel and perform, stuff like that … Everyone [in the news] keeps saying that [DMX] had a drug overdose. How do they know. I’m in the family and no doctor told me anything about an overdose… Yes he had past issues with drugs. But nobody knows that he had an OD. It’s f**cked up that its being reported like that… He took that vaccine, and he had a heart attack. I’m not saying the vaccine did it, but he never had a heart attack before.”

A statement from the hospital in White Plains, New York, only noted that DMX died after suffering “catastrophic cardiac arrest.”

As of this writing, there’s no medical report that COVID-19 or a COVID-19 vaccine or drug overdose played any part in DMX’s death.

We gonna have to wait for the official medical report to confirm what caused DMX cardiac arrest.