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DISGUSTING! Burka Woman Tired of Waiting in Line for Bathroom Leaves Surprise on the Floor (Video)


Many people believe that allowing a lot of Muslims into our country make our neighborhoods a more dangerous place. Who would have thought they would make our neighborhoods a more disgusting place?

The Muslim woman in the video below was in a crowded mall, waiting in line for the bathroom. Apparently she figured that waiting to take care of her “business” was above her, so she took a short cut.

The video was captured at what appears to be a shopping center. We see a burka-clad woman standing beside an elevator as shoppers pass her on either side. After about a minute of standing with all of her clothes still on, the woman walks away, leaving a nasty little surprise behind on the floor.

Watch the video:

No, that is not a SNICKERS!

Is this the model of Muslim women’s toilet habits? It doesn’t speak well for their culture, does it?

This is what Obama and his minions want our country to be like. People going to bathroom at will in public wherever they please.

Why some people think countries where people still behave like this are so great, is beyond me. That sort of behavior is from many centuries ago. Muslims should have evolved like the rest of us to the point where they at least don’t defecate on the floor in public places for people to step in and cause vile odors.

I am not interested in living in an America that returns back to the stone age.

How is anyone going to be able to identify this woman?

How many of you want this sort of behavior in our country?

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  1. She has been given too much credit by saying that she had been waiting in line for a bathroom. I could be wrong, but those look like elevators to me. Bathroom don’t have buttons that people push, etc. Also, any normal-minded person who had an “accident” would have made every effort to clean up afterward. She seemed to have done that intentionally. Yet another form of terrorism, perhaps.

  2. This is how Muslim women act they are just plain disgusting and there culture is supposed to be civilized now I see why they wiped there ass with hand they are still in the stone age. This is just disgusting

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