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Ecuador Is Considering Handing Over Julian Assange For $10 Billion Bailout

The present shithole Ecuadorian government is a joke, and their contempt of their own citizenry is now obvious. Rather than meet ridiculous demands, they should run as far away from the IMF as possible. Their shithole country will forever become enslaved and over run with REAL criminals and thugs. This will also be a very black mark on the Trump presidency if Assange is convicted in the United States. The majority of Republican voters who voted for Trump no doubt want Assange to walk free. Of course, telling the truth in the eyes of the Communist bastard socalled Liberals is a crime.

Ecuador is reportedly considering a $10 Billion bailout with conditions which include handing over Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a termination of his Asylum.

RT reported that Ecuador has begun a “Special Examination” of Julian Assange’s asylum and citizenship as it looks to the IMF for a bailout, the whistleblowing site reports, with conditions including handing over the WikiLeaks founder.


Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa tweeted an image of the letter he received from the State Comptroller General on December 19, which outlines the upcoming examination by the Direction National de Auditoria.

The audit will “determine whether the procedures for granting asylum and naturalization to Julian Assange were carried out in accordance with national and international law,” and will cover the period between January 1, 2012 and September 20, 2018. Source.

The people who want to hear the truth are at war with those who simply wish to propagate lies. Manning and Assange are on the side of the truth. If you are not on their side, then you are either a liar, or someone who has convinced themselves of an alternative reality. The medical profession calls this “Schizophrenia”.

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