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BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren REFUSES to Condemn Antifa, Denies They Were Even There! (Audio)


Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren refuses to condemn Antifa for throwing urine bombs at cops and inciting violent riots.

When Warren was asked about Antifa by a WBSM reporter, she basically dodged the question without specifically condemning Antifa.

As a matter of fact, she refused to acknowledge that Antifa was there and claimed “only Nazis and KKK were there.”

Democrat politicians and the fake news media is actually trying to paint Antifa like the “good guys,” who are just out there “fighting Nazis.”

Any American with common sense knows Antifa is the terrorist arm of liberals and the Democratic Party now, which is why they are being coddled by leftists like Warren.

The audio below automatically starts at the 5:37 mark.

Watch the video:

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  1. Elizabeth Warren is a complete moron. She is only trying to position herself for a higher office. Anything that comes out of her mouth I instantly dismiss because she doesn’t know what patriotism or truthfulness is. You can’t fix stupid.

  2. This is what you hear from all those that spend their time in the Hamptons. She only hob-nobs with the rich and elite. She rely’s on her aids (paid by the tax payers) to inform her of any news they think she should hear. She is so far removed from the average everyday worker, she has no clue what America is like. This is your career politician in a nutshell. All those who have made Congress a career are like this. They are afraid of the public, you and me.

  3. Elizabeth Warren is one of the many who are unfit to represent the people. Their idea of accomplishments is bringing down any conservative thinking citizen. She has never known what her real job was. Talking about the loudest Nazi that is her. She rants against all white people and forgets she is not Black, Latina, or even Native American. Lying and trying to divide this country will find herself out of office. Oh, I forgot the state she represents. They all don’t get it that we don’t give a shit about she has to say. What we want are jobs and a chance at the American Dream. She thinks she knows what is good for us but she is out for touch. She above anyone else even Nancy Pelosi needs mental help. However, I think it is too late for her. She should stop calling herself nasty if she wants to represent. President Trump never called anyone nasty. He called Hillary’s comment nasty but the media ran with it and all those stars calling themselves nasty women really are. I don’t watch their movies or listen to their music. Who in the hell are they telling us what to think. Money and fame doesn’t make you smart and you sound stupid. Sick of all these people. Go live in Cuba and better yet Venezuela because that is the thinking of their leaders. Boy, do I feel better saying that!!!

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