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‘Final Warning’ to ‘White People’ Goes Viral on Twitter After Charlottesville Rally


One of the top responses on Twitter to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville is a “final warning” to “white people” threatening to “burn their neighborhoods down.”

Nineteen-year-old YouTuber “Jay Versace” is seen holding a knife and threatening to destroy “white people” as a race because there’s “way more black people than white people in this motherf**king country, world, and existence.”

“Ya’ll n***as want to burn candles? B*tch, we’ll burn neighborhoods down,” Versace says. “We’ll go all the way to wherever ya’ll motherf**kin’ live and light that whole sh*t up!”

“I’m telling you know, cut it the f**k out. The black person you see right now, is not the same black person you saw in 1923. We a whole new breed, b*tch. And we crazy as f**k, try it b*tch, I f**king dare you, do something, try it,” Versace says ominously.


The threatening video got over 7,000 retweets on Twitter and over 15,000 likes in only four hours.

Versace responded to criticism writing: “I said what I said and if you don’t like it you can suck a caterpillar d**k. Opinion are not accepted. No debate. Suck some d**k.”

After one of his followers responded saying, “there’s not more black people than white people in this country,” Versace incorrectly said “there definitely is,” but suggested minorities could unite as a block to burn white neighborhoods down.

I wonder why white people don’t want to become a minority?

Author: Chris Menahan
Courtesy of Information Liberation

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    • He thinks it makes him sound tough, when all it really does is make him sound like an uneducated low-life piece of trash.

      • You both hit the nail on the head.. poor ignorant piece of rat dung.. And this is the caliber of the black, colored..ect. that want to run our country.. Go get an education.. hey, it’s free. Learn how to speak proper English, Not gutter filth.. and maybe someone will take you seriously.. Until then take your filthy mouth and crawl back into the slime you obviously came from.

        • Shirley Hummel your racist comment is just as bad as the kids. I am sure being a young black male in America constantly watching the media telling them that the cops and white people are out to get them is not the best time. He is wrong and it is unfortunate that he is too young to understand the full effects that his post will cause. Not just to him disqualifing himself for many future jobs girlfriends and schools because of this he has hurt many people white and black. He has caused adults like you to go ahead and be assholes on social media all the while somehow thinking you are better? You are just as trashy as he is

          • Shirley is absolutely right. Until those stupid people want to act civilized, they will always be at the bottom of the heap, where they belong.

  1. There generally, uneducated, welfare leeching, angry people..that still think the white world owes them something. Most will die at the hands of another black man..statistics prove that, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Yes, his parents,(odds are he was only raised by one parent…again statistics prove that out), are probably on drugs, welfare…and full of hate, and anger. This poor son of a bitch…never had a chance..statistically..this kid will be murdered..or in prison…soon enough.

    • ITS Their not there, probably should have your own education before commenting on another about getting educated! also what is up with all the … after every few words?

    • He definitly needs help in his math skills. His race represents 13 percent of the poulation. Whites represent 63 percent of the population. There are 82 million gun owners in America figure I the out dumbass you lose.

    • raised by granny so mammy wouldn’t have her lifestyle cramped and has his daddy narrowed down to 200 men in de hood.

    • You better worry about God!!!!!! He will punish you for what your fathers did and what you are doing………………..Remember the scripture? Sins of the father??

    • John Burnett you are just as bad as this kid is! I assume you are as uneducated and young as this attention seeking child is. You should be ashamed. You literally just did the same thing you are insulting the kid for!

  2. People like this guy are creating something they will not have any control over in the end they’re creating something that will tear them down eventually the white man will all unite against this once their eyes are opened

  3. Sad that this kid is so obsessed with hatred and his life is ruined when there are so many black people who are using their energy to educate themselves And becoming great Americans he is just tearing down what they have overcomed. Martin Luther king is sad for this kid!!!😩

  4. check your history, In the Viking era beginning circa 793, the Norse raiders often captured and enslaved militarily weaker peoples they encountered. The Nordic countries called their slaves thralls . The thralls were mostly from Western Europe, among them many Franks, Frisians, Anglo-Saxons, and both Irish and Britonnic Celts. Many Irish slaves travelled in expeditions for the colonization of Iceland. The Norse also took German, Baltic, Slavic and Latin slaves. The slave trade was one of the pillars of Norse commerce during the 6th through 11th centuries. The 10th-century Persian traveller Ibn Rustah described how Swedish Vikings, the Varangians or Rus, terrorized and enslaved the Slavs taken in their raids along the Volga River. The thrall system was finally abolished in the mid-14th century in Scandinavia. In the year 1441 The Start of European slave trading in Africa. The first legal slave owner in America was black Anthony Johnson and he owned white slaves. But, remember it was the Hebrews that were enslaved first, so start looking up your history before you say anything

    • Thanks for your comment. There were white slaves many times through history but that is no longer taught in schools. Nor is the fact that Italian and Germans were held in internment during the war. Not as strictly as the Jewish were but still I don’t remember hearing a word about that during my school years. Apparently we only teach what makes us look good?

  5. This Jay Versace – typical ghetto sewer rat seeking his 15 minutes of fame LOL. His verbiage lacks in intellectual astuteness, than again we must take under consideration he is part of the culturally dysfunctional underclass which continues to seep out of ghettos onto society to stir racial discontent and hatred. Apparently his upbringing and education has been minimal perhaps fueled by militant parents who themselves are spawns of the ghetto housing projects and radicalized by militant extremists guided like puppets by Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton etc.. It’s sad young people like Jay doesn’t possess the mental aptitude or ambition to become achievers perhaps this is why he and other young blacks rant and rave about inequality and racism. They would rather depend upon the generosity of others than work towards being both intellectually and financially free. Theirs are a cultural of dependency and unaccountability.

  6. The Obama legacy…building black supremest up to the point they believe they are the entitled ones…a very dangerous idea that will get many killed

  7. They have been having some history lessons on TV lately and if the children were watching instead of getting into trouble they might learn something. A lot of the slave trading in the Viking era were of the Muslim religion even back then. They were in the books about the battle at Tripoli. If book reading is a part of the child’s schooling if he is still in school. Education is a wonderful tool a way to communicate with people.I Hope this young man can grow older and have a wonderful mentor to help him. Praying for you and your family.

    • Yep…as long as they get that welfare check, food stamps and free housing. THEY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO. ..TOO BAD THEY DON’T HAVE TO WORK FIR THIS STUFF..THEY’D BE TIRED AND READY FOR BED.

  8. The way he talks is the way he was raised which is no excuse because you can always better yourself that’s why we are a very diverse country with opportunity for the people that want it

  9. How sad. That anger needs healing. Not all white people are KKK or neo nazi. Just like not all African Americans are thugs or gangsters. The darker it gets outside, the closer to the end it is. People need to try on love. Wear it like a garment. Know where you’ll be when it all ends.

  10. I’m wondering if this fuckn retard ever finished the 3rd grade. I know his mama gets a F in parenting. Come to my house with the intent of burning it down and that is where the cops will find your body. Get back in school and learn some history you little ass clown

  11. Ignorance is no excuse for bullshit threats. Go fuck yourself!

    So here’s what happened in VA. People protesting removing of monuments got a permit to protest at 12:00. Early that morning Antifa was being flown and bused in from around the country. At 8:45 The govenor sends State police in to cancel a protest that hadn’t started. They forced the protesters out in the streets to a waiting mob of Antifa and BLM. The police were given orders to stand down and let the protesters be attacked. This was a set up by the governor to take away protesters first amendment rights. It doesn’t matter what the protesters had to say. They had a right to say it.

  12. Seriously? 19? This kid looks like 13 at the most. Sounds like another HS dropout with his big talk and over use of “MF”.

  13. that’s what he ll be sucking in prison little BOY clean up your act plus you ll be getting butted slamed everyday in their they like boys like you

  14. Someone needs to forward it to his mom I’d cause my guess is she probably has no idea or everyone’s probably unaware of the lesson he learned in crazy if she has seen it. I love how some automatically reap blame on his mom. What only women are resonsable? Why no one hurling accusation and indicating failure on his father?? Maybe she is a single mom and the father is absent which means maybe she’s a little busy earning money to pay bills and buy food trying g to be a productive member of society to stalk her kids twitter account. Maybe she doesn’t even know what the fuck twitter is. Maybe she does check his twitter and sees a posting of the Bible verse he Learned that day but is unawares like most kids he has several under diffent names. As long as people are biting to throw out assumptions apply stereotypes, this shit here that most post feeling smug and satisfied they’ve made some brilliant insight! Your part of the problem!!! Pat yourself on the back 👍🏻!

    • I can hope that you’re right. But I fear that you’re not. I hope his mother just is over worked to pay rent, utilities, food, etc. and has lost touch with her child’s online activities and has no idea what he is doing. And that he is full of hate and rage.
      As for his dad, I am willing to go as far as to give him the benefit of the doubt, and say, maybe he has , died, or maybe he is not in the picture for reasons that are not nefarious, but are keeping him from his family. But again I fear that is not the reason.
      Maybe the kid has begun to ” hang with ” the wrong crowd. And his mom has given up trying to get him away from them. Her next step would be to ( if they still them) send him to one of those boot camps for really bad kids. But those cost $$$$. And she is doing her best just to keep a roof, and her family fed.
      I can hope she is a mom like that. And if she is, I can feel for her. And I am glad my 2 son’s managed not to end up like that. My husband was not home more than he was due to his work.

      • People as young as he is do not always have the ability to fully understand the repercussions of actions like this. Some people no matter their age have a hard time controlling their anger and social media can be the best place to vent. Unfortunately things can get out of hand quickly and by the time you realize what had been done there is no taking it back and it may feel shameful to admit you went too far or you were not fully serious. We can see he is still young. Unfortunately some of the adult men on here are worse than the kid is. These black kids have to be just as afraid as we are. The media is telling them every day that cops will shoot them and everyone is always going to see them as a sterio typical black scum bag with no good future. Some of you men make comments like these and produce angry kids like this.

  15. You ignorant, stupid, illiterate, vulgar, piece of crap, you go ahead, bring that knife to a gunfight! If you could read or comprehend, you would realize that the rally did not become violent until all the BLM and libturd snowflakes showed up to protest the white people’s right to free speech.

    • Butler you’re not ready for what God is about to bring on you and the rest of you when your house is very in 30 feet of snow when you have no food when pestilence and earthquakes comes which will be soon you’ll know the God of justice has come down or this place for all of the hundreds of years of wickedness she has done looking your Bible

  16. Obviously he does not know Jesus to have so much hate in his heart & to use such horrible curse words.

  17. Lol, you always burn down your own neighborhoods first when you get mad, you’ll do that again im sure. What do you say to one another when the smoke clears ? Let me guess, oh no we did it again… And another thing, the rest of the dark skin people in this country dont identify with you and your so called struggles, hell no, only the muslims do and thats because they arre using you for their own agenda. When its all said and done they will kill you to. Your not like them either so why dont you just wake up to the reality that you are an American who has a distorted view of our country based on the bullshit you are fed over the years . Get a job, stop hating, start voting, get involved and be happy because you will never accomplish what you have threatened to do.

  18. Just another racist fool who did not read his history books white people where slaves first where do they find these illiterate morons

    • Wrong, it’s just the MASK of CIVILITY is coming off and the TRUE nature of the Caucasian is coming forth! Face the damn truth

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