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UNREAL Footage of an Elderly Teacher Being Brutally Assaulted Trying to Break up Two Black Girls Fighting (Video)


A teacher was caught in the middle of a fight between middle school students, in Floyd County, Georgia. and the whole thing was captured on camera.

The cell phone video appears to show two students fighting, with a teacher standing in the middle. The teacher then gets caught in a crossfire of slaps.

Watch the video below!

According to Fox News:

Rome Middle School officials have remained mostly quiet about the incident, telling a local TV station only that they were aware of the issue.

Many in the Floyd County community, however, sympathized with the teacher, seeing the fight as an example of what local teachers have to endure on a daily basis.

“That’s a very unfortunate situation, unfortunate for that teacher to get caught up in that,” resident Rosemary Ringer said.

“People just taking things into their own hands and not stopping, taking a breath, assessing the situation,” resident Abby Holcomb seconded. “I know my daughter went to school for early childhood and once she got into the classroom and saw the behavior of the students, she said, ‘It’s not for me,’ and she took another avenue and I can’t blame her.”

The details of the incident or any disciplinary actions remain unknown due to privacy issues.

Some Floyd County residents said the incident does not define the school. They stressed that Rome Middle School is known as a good school in the community.

I would like to say that this is another example of no parenting plopping your children in front of these negative TV shows for all they see is black women fighting spitting cussing and do not know how to resolve an issue.

The only thing young people know today is fighting and shooting someone that may have to disagree with them. They do not have respect for themselves, their parents, and teachers but have embraced the concept of this.

I would be in jail because I would’ve to beat them with the first thing I could grab. Now here comes the comments that its the teacher’s fault for trying to break up the fight. They both should be arrested for assault and battery, expelled from that school and any school in that district.

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  1. When you have two gorillas fighting just step out of the way. Why society insist on trying to socialize these animals is beyond me. Gorillas are angry at humans anyway, the prefer to breed in public, they hate the idea of having to wear clothes. When gorillas wear clothes they wear them wrong anyway, their forgetful of the fact rumps are suppose to be covered. The projects were designed to keep them in one area and when a crime is committed they know right where to go.

  2. Since corporal punishment in school has been ended (correctly in my view), it’s high time that it was made clear to all students and citizens that disruptive behaviour in school will result in expulsion.
    Since it is vrtually essential to complete at least high school to get even a menial job, it should be made clear to students that bombing out of school and going on any form of welfare is not an option, and if they decide to commit crimes to survive without a job, that they will be sentenced to detentive work gangs.
    It’s time to end this mollycoddling of misfits and layabouts; it’s got to be work, or the work gang. No more laying idle in jail, learning how to be a better criminal.

  3. Those girls need to be charged with a violent crime as a felon against an elderly woman and serve at least a year in jail. Though I do like John’s statement above better.

  4. What is the need for comments on something like this? Why would anyone not be upset, disgusted, angry and fed up with this kind of behavior? I don’t care if you are black, purple or orange, this is not something anyone should have to put up with, particularly a teacher who is trying to bring reason and control to a volatile and escalating situation. I hope the teacher is OK, and I hope the girls both will be disciplined at the very least, or expelled.

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