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Full Video: Black “Queen” Won’t Let Flight Attendant Get Past Her Because WHITE PRIVILEGE Is OVER

In a video from a plane that’s circulating on social media, a black woman in an aisle is lecturing a flight attendant, and another passenger at one point, about how White Privilege is “over” in 2020 and therefore that’s why the flight attendant who is employed by the airline and responsible for passengers has no right to tell her to move.

The black woman then accuses the flight attendant of exercising her “white privilege” while still blocking her way.

“I need to get to my door,” repeats the flight attendant as the black woman continues to bicker.


“You have white privilege and it’s not here, it’s over with, it’s 2020, wake up.”

“You need to understand, you don’t run America no more sweetheart,” she tells the white woman. She goes on to explain how when she was 14-years old, she once “slapped the shit” out of a “white bitch” for disrespecting her on a bus.
That’s really what it shows. The undated clip went around a lot on Friday for good reason. Here’s the clip.

Video below:

We found out that there is a longer clip of the incident and we have the full video:

Mouthing off without a mask! Yeah, race relations going backwards.

Did you read about the family escorted by POLICE off a plane in Canada because they were being forced to mask their 19-month old? Note: Airline’s actual rules said two yrs & under did not require masking.
Why did they not remove her immediately?
49 U.S. Code § 46504.Interference with flight crew members and attendants: An individual on an aircraft…who, by assaulting or intimidating a flight crew member…shall be fined [or] imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both.

It seems that this is only the beginning. Get ready to see a lot more of this, and remember who is to blame.

Thanks to BLM, thanks to Democrats, and thanks to the media.

Because when some conservative wants social media fame for refusing to wear a mask they make him or her a pariah. But when some loudmouth talking about “white privilege” is a complete jerk, they treat it like heroism.

And we can expect to see a LOT more just like it.