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George Soros Was Spotted In Bridgetown Barbados With His Pretty Buff Body Guards – Everyone Noticed There’s Something Strange In These Photos

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been spotted taking a dip in Barbados with the help of four men after handing the reigns of his empire to his son.

The 93-year-old was seen swimming with a large entourage at a beach in Bridgetown, the capital of the island country.

The financier appeared relaxed as he lay back on a lounge chair on the beach while shading himself from the sun.


After going into the water, a group of men helped the Hungarian-born businessman back to his lounger where the billionaire continued to relax.

Photos below:

The photos have ignited a flurry of online criticism and speculative commentary about the nature of his companions.

One X user pointed out the eye-catching physique of the men accompanying Soros, quipping, “They say that money can’t buy love, but it can buy whatever is going on here, and I hope it’s a healthy sum too because surely there’s better positions that don’t require you to…well, you know.”

This wry remark suggests that the bystander believes Soros is using his wealth to secure a different kind of ‘service’ from his entourage, perhaps beyond the scope of mere personal security.

Social Media Strategist Joey Mannarino wrote, “I said months ago that I wondered if Soros wanted an endless stream of African migration into Europe and America, just so that he could have an unrelenting supply of humongous BBC in his backside… This picture really lends credence to my theory.”


The list of similar comments online is endless.

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