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Girls Kicked Off DC College Campus For Wearing Trump Hat


A group of high school girls visiting the District of Columbia were kicked off the campus of Howard University for wearing a Trump hat, which the school said was making students feel unsafe.

A student at the historically black college going by the name “EssenceDalton” on Twitter posted a photo of the girls on Saturday, writing: “who told these lil yt girls they could come to THE HU like it was about to be some joke.”

“Yt” is short for “whitey.”

The school responded assuring they will “take any action necessary to ensure that HU students feel safe& comfortable in our dining spaces,” adding: “This group is no longer on campus.”

The girls later told their story on Twitter:

They also highlighted how an anti-racist activist threatened to “beat the f**k out of them”:

Many others issued similar threats:

The girls stood up for themselves despite being inundated with racist hate:

Author: Chris Menahan
Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  1. Not one more peep about White Racism.

    Not until all raging hyenas, campus professors and administrators, Big Media Pimps, all Dems and their terrorist allies like BLM and AntiFa…….are all prepared to discuss the rampant, cancerous epidemic known as……Black Racism.

    If you are an American, then you WILL attend the Parade.
    King and His Clothes Parade.
    Little Boy: But Ma, the King’s buckass naked!
    Mother: Shhhhhh!
    (What elephant? We don’t see no stinkin’ elephant in the bedroom, because……
    Truth is the new Hate Speech).

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