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GOP Certifiers In Michigan Who Refused To Sign Biden’s Victory, Back Down After They Were Doxxed, Threatened, And Called Racists By The Dems – Images & Video Proof

In a late-night twist, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers unanimously agrees to certify the results, on the condition Secretary of State’s office conduct a comprehensive audit of the unexplained, out-of-balance precincts across the county.

Wayne county certifiers refused to sign off on election results but changed course because within minutes they were doxxed, threatened, and CNN/Politico labeled them racists.

Image below:


Video below:

They were doxxed by locals who called for violence against the GOP poll workers:


President Trump tweeted this morning about the threats:


Sometimes it means STANDING for something larger than yourself!

These individuals failed!
They could have been HEROES now they are COMPLICIT!

Our Republic is at stake!
We must STAND and FIGHT or we WILL lose it!

Arrest the man that threatened Violence to his political opponents and arrest the so-called Republicans that Changed their True Original Votes. Corruption must not be Normalized but the system is not set up to protect those that certify the votes.

What’s next, will the Supreme Court be bullied into rejecting Trump’s election fraud case against the Democrats also? If so, they will be the catalyst for a new American Civil War. It will be their fault.