Hate Crime Caught On Video – Pregnant Woman Randomly Attacked By A Group Of Teenagers

    Two men are facing criminal charges after police say they poked fun at a pregnant woman who was vomiting outside of a post office building in Quincy before brutally attacking her.

    Tyrese D. Johnson-Nurse and David D. Russell were arraigned in Quincy District Court on charges including aggravated assault and battery on a pregnant woman and assault and battery.

    Prosecutors say the woman had been walking with her boyfriend when she felt sick because of her pregnancy and began to throw up outside the post office at 47 Washington St.

    Johnson-Nurse and Russell were laughing at her and a scuffle ensued.

    When the woman said, “excuse me,” the men started to repeatedly punch her in the face as she yelled, “I’m pregnant…I’m pregnant…I’m pregnant,” police said.

    After the woman repeated about 10 times that she was pregnant, one of the suspects allegedly said,” I hope he dies. I will kill your kid.”

    Police say the woman told responding officers that she was also kicked in the stomach by one of the men during the vicious fracas.

    When the woman’s boyfriend tried to step in and prevent the attack, police say he was hit several times. The man suffered a large contusion on his forehead.

    In a video of the beatdown that was captured by Alec Zeng, the woman can be heard screaming in pain as she rolled around on the ground.

    “When I first opened the door, all I see is the guy spitting on her, and then just started throwing the punches,” Zeng said.

    WATCH (warning: graphic video)

    Video below:

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    Hindy said she cannot understand what triggered the violence. She was grateful for the good Samaritans who came to help. “Thank God for the citizens, if it wasn’t for them I don’t know if I would be ok,” Hindy said.

    Police and the victim were grateful Zeng was there to get the video and help authorities find who did this.

    The men took off and police arrested them at a nearby store.

    No hate crime charges were brought upon these guys.