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Here is a Captioned Video Allegedly Showing That The Cargo Ship Is Being Hacked

A container ship rammed into a major bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, causing it to collapse in a matter of seconds and creating a terrifying scene as several vehicles plunged into the chilly river below.

It was not clear why the cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge long before the morning commute, or how many people might be in the waters of the busy harbor near a key port. Rescuers pulled two people from the water by mid-morning and searched for more.

One official called it a “developing mass casualty event.”


Source at National Transportation Safety Board says terrorism has NOT been ‘ruled out’ in Baltimore Key Bridge collapse.

Video below:

Now a video has surfaced online and it allegedly shows that the ship is being hacked!


0:12 – The ships power goes out
0:22 – The ship recovers power, and black smoke can be seen signaling immediate evasive maneuvers
0:30 – Power Goes out again
0:35 – The ship recovers, By then it was too late.

Video below:

Container ships do NOT lose their ability to be steered in the event of a power loss.

Modern vessels have multiple backup systems for steering, ensuring control even during power outages.

The Dali reportedly “lost propulsion” as it was leaving the port, with crew warning Maryland officials they had lost control of the container ship, ABC News said, citing and unclassified Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency report.

A desperate search for survivors is currently under way in Baltimore.