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Here’s What Trans Men Are Inserting Into Themselves To “Mimic A Period” (Screenshots)

It has been said that people will do almost anything for their 15 minutes of fame. Online posts seem to prove the axiom true.

On Monday, a biological male who identifies as a transgender female posted a video showing the person in anguish (yet smiling) due to menstrual cramps.

The video has brought momentary fame and significant ridicule. The video has racked up more than 5.5 million views in 24 hours. The person on the video is identified on Twitter as “a clown…acting like [he is experiencing] period pain.”

The video caption reads: “Transgender girl experiences first intense period after HRT.”

The video shows the unfortunate soul hunched over in pain before collapsing on a bed and clutching a heating pad.

“Why?” the person cries out.

The brief video closes with, “I swear to God if anyone says welcome to womanhood, I will lose my (expletive).”

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney argued it is transphobic to criticize trans-biological males for expressing concerns or discomfort due to menstruation.

Referring to those who may not embrace his views, Mulvaney said: “It’s not because I’m misogynistic; it’s because you’re transphobic.”

But it seems that Transgenders will do anything to get a period.

Every time we think the insanity associated with the transgender movement has reached its peak, we hear the news that blows away our worst expectations.

Men claiming to be women are inserting frozen tomato paste into themselves to “mimic a period”

This isn’t satire you can read the conversation in the transcript below:


I had to dig deeper to make sure this wasn’t some sick satire. It’s not.