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Heroic Dog Catches Scent and Frantically Digs Hole in Ground — Finds Something Unbelievable! (Video)

A heroic dog saved a newborn baby boy that had been buried alive on a piece of farmland thanks to its incredible sense of smell.

The pet’s owner, Yang Jiali, went out looking for her dog in Chongqing, China, on May 6 and saw the pooch frantically digging through the dirt.

When she went over she was amazed to see a crying infant wrapped in a piece of white cloth in the hole.

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The baby was rushed to a clinic in Wutan Town in the suburban Jiangjin District and Dr An Yue said the one-month-old had a slow heart rate and a low body temperature.

Fortunately, the tot is expected to make a full recovery but needs time to get back to full strength.

Cops believe the boy was buried because his family thought he had died and are trying to track them down.

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“There … that’s where he was buried,” recalled Yang Jiali in a video by Chinese-based news media company, PearVideo. The lady was pointing to the area where her dog made a spine-chilling discovery in early May.

Jilali, a native of a small town called Wutan in Chongqing, China, said her pup had run off in a wooded area and was missing for some time before she discovered the animal standing among some bushes. Her dog obviously caught an appealing scent when it started to frantically dig a big hole in the ground.

She said she heard “crying underground” as her canine quickly dug to unearth the object. To Jilali’s surprise, it was an infant wrapped in a white cloth and covered in soil.

The young child was rushed to a small medical clinic and was determined to be a one-month-old baby boy suffering from some sort of illness. Assistant doctor, An Yue, said he appeared to be in very bad condition.

“The baby looked pale. His breathing and heart rate were slow,” she said. “He had low body temperature, and his whole mouth was full of mud.”

The baby was relocated to Jiangjin Central Hospital where he received pediatric care. Li Feng, the director of pediatrician, reported that the little guy was making some minor improvements, but his condition was still being closely monitored.

‘While his life is not out of danger, his body index is recovering and stable,” said Feng. The baby is doing slightly better than before, but he still “needed time to regain health.”

No one came to claim the abandoned child, so local police were notified about the incident. Doctors predicted that the baby was just one of many Chinese infants mistakenly buried alive during a private funeral ceremony.


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Dog digs up living infant in rural China

With mouth full of dirt, infant BURIED ALIVE is dug up by a dog.

Posted by PearVideo on Monday, May 15, 2017

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