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Hillary Clinton Insults Millions of Trump Supporters Again and Denies Anyone Insulted by “Deplorables” Comment (Video)


On “CBS Sunday Morning” Hillary Clinton gave her first T.V. interview since the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary sat down with Jane Pauley and spoke about her new memoir “What Happened” which is set to release September 12.

During the discussion a clip was shown of Hillary from September 9, 2016 saying,”You could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables’.”

Jane Pauley asked Hillary why she used the term “deplorable” to describe Trump supporters.

“Well I thought Trump was behaving in a deplorable manner. I thought a lot of his appeals to voters were deplorable. I thought his behavior — as we saw in the Access Hollywood tape was deplorable and there were a large number of people who didn’t care. It did not matter to them,” Hillary said.

Hillary calls Trump “deplorable” for a private locker room talk conversation where nobody was hurt and non crime took place but her husband was impeached for lying about cheating with Monica Lewinsky in the White House and he settled with Paula Jones over a sexual harassment case for $850,000. What her husband did seems perfectly acceptable to her and she deserved to bring him back into the White House again. She is one sick woman!

Hillary tried to change the subject by calling Trump a “reality T.V. star,” but Jane Pauley steered the conversation right back to the “deplorable” comment.

Pauley said, “You fed into that though. When you said ‘basket of deplorables,’ you energized”—

“They were already energized,” Hillary responded sounding frustrated.

Pauley quickly replied, “But you offended some people who didn’t personally feel deplorable.”

Did Hillary could have used the opportunity to help mend the division she called by her bigoted insult which offended millions of Americans but instead she doubled down by saying she “didn’t buy” that people were offended.

Hillary only apologized for giving Trump a “political gift” by using the term ‘deplorable.’

She then claimed insulting millions of Americans had no determining factor in her losing the election.

Notice how Hillary always denies that anything she does or says she is accountable for?

Watch the video:

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  1. You are worse than deplorable. You are a LIAR, a CHEAT, a CROOK (remember Benghazi) and possibly a DRUNK. So, before you start putting labels on anyone, LOOK IN THE MIRROR, that is where you will see someone who is DEPLORABLE.

  2. What I find deplorable is someone who claims to care about our country but is hell bent on destroying it from the inside out. Apparently it is more important to take care of outsiders before our own, and appease and bow down to those whose desire is to destroy our country and way of life, as they have already done in their own countries.
    Wake up people! Take a good look at what is going on in Europe!

  3. She lost because she was terrible candidate and person! Im a democrat that voted for Trump for that reason! I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for a liar. At least when Trump screws up, he admits it and apologizes. She lost and still cant fess up!

  4. She doesn’t buy that “deplorables” were offended by her comment! She is so out of touch with reality. She will be remembered for “What Didn’t Happen” and blaming everyone for her loss.

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