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Ilhan Omar Was Allegedly Caught Raising Money For a Minnesota Food Store And Pocketing The Cash Through A Democratic Fundraising Platform

Ilhan Omar has a year full of scandals. The Democrats always protected her along with their puppy the mainstream media.
Last year, a report claimed that Ilhan Omar and Ahmed Hirsi filed joint tax returns in at least 2014-2015.

Yet Ilhan Omar was legally married to another man from 2009-2017.

A sitting congresswoman may have filed EIGHT YEARS of fraudulent, felonious, tax returns.


The Democrats denied the alleged indiscretions, though the complaints were still unconfirmed to the public at the time.
Her short political career is constantly shaken with scandals.

Today another scandal broke out.

Ilhan Omar asked for donations this week to help feed Minnesota Food Store.

Omar tweet was removed after the Director of the organization that runs the Minnesota Food Store tweeted out a reply —

Adrienne: “I am the Executive Director of GMCC – Minnesota FoodShare is our program. Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where the money is going.”

The donate button was to actblue – a democratic fundraising platform – https://secure.actblue.com

Once a fraud always a fraud. What else do you expect from a person who married her brother and commit immigration fraud?

Enough is enough someone needs to investigate this and we should report her to election officials.

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