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INCREDIBLE! Watch Store Clerk Shoot Two Armed Robbers (Video)

The video begins outside of a store showing 2 black men walking next to the store, one in a dark shirt and the other wearing a light shirt. They enter the store and nothing of interests happens for a minute and then the man in the light shirt comes running out of the front door fleeing for his life.

Next we see the inside of the store. The clerk is talking on his cell phone when the man in the dark shirt comes rushing up and jumps the counter. The thug encroaches into the clerk’s space to threaten him. It is not clear on the video, but the robber may have hit the clerk.

The thug is holding up a bandanna over his face with his left hand to conceal his identity and he has gloves on.


The thug then gets into the cash register and unloads it. The clerk is standing behind him, but off to the left watching him.

The clerk then walks to the end of the counter and we see the second man in the light shirt step up to the front of the counter while pointing a gun at the clerk.

The clerk then throws his cell phone across the counter to the gunman in order to distract him. The cell phone hits the floor. While the gunman is distracted, the clerk quickly produces his own gun and takes a shot at the gunman.

The clerk is not done and he quickly takes a shot at the thug behind the counter. It’s a hit! The dumbass goes down like a brick!

The clerk then quickly fires several time toward the direction the other gunman fled. It is not clear if the gunman had already left the building or not, but we know from the outside security camera he was running like his life depended on it.

The clerk then goes around in front of the counter to pick up some things, including his cell phone to obviously make a 911 call.

While he is talking on the phone he points his gun at the thug laying on the floor who is still alive and in severe pain.

At this point a few other people come into the store and look over the counter to gawk at the dumbass laying on the floor in pain.

The video then switches to a security camera in front of the counter and shows what happened while the gunman in the light shirt approached the counter, pointing a gun at the clerk. We see the cell phone hitting the floor and the clerk gets a shot off at the gunman before shooting the thug behind the counter.

It is unknown at this time where this took place, if the gunman was hit or if either thugs survived. If anyone knows, please tell us in the comments below.

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