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James Woods Reveals the TRUTH About Dolly Parton’s Emmy Appearance


Dolly Parton was heavily criticized after making an appearance with her “9 to 5” co-stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin during the 2017 Emmy Awards while Fonda and Tomlin went on an anti-Trump tirade.

Parton stood and remained silent during the triad and had a look of discomfort or embarrassment on her face.

James Woods quickly came to her defense and set the record straight on what really happened at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

Woods stated that Parton was “caught off guard” between “two gargoyles” and that she is a “great, loyal American.”

Bizpac Review reported:

The trio, who had co-starred on the 1980 film “9 to 5,” reunited at the Emmys to present an award.

That’s when Hollywood moonbats Tomlin and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda tore into President Trump with a thinly veiled attack.

“Back in 1980 in that movie, we refused to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot,” Fonda said.

Tomlin chimed in: “And in 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”

You can tell by the shocked expression on Dolly’s face that she does not share her colleagues’ anti-Trump views and was stunned by the vitriol.

Afterward, many country-music fans bashed Parton, accusing her of being just another clueless Hollywood hypocrite who trashes Trump without understanding the issues.

That’s when noted conservative actor James Woods leapt to Dolly’s defense. Woods, who co-starred with Parton in the 1992 movie “Straight Talk,” praised her as a “great, loyal American” who was obviously “caught off-guard.”

Woods also told his Twitter followers that it’s not Dolly’s fault that she was placed “between two gargoyles.”

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  1. To me she was with them, if she wants to make it clear that she doesn’t feel the same as the other two, she should. As of now, I have less respect for Dolly for taking park in that stupid skid..

    • She acted in the best manner possible, Jesus ate with sinners…we all work with sinners…so if she was caught off guard and kept her mouth shut, there us no foul in that.

    • Yes she might have been sand bagged but she has a voice and she was for Hillary during the election! She could’ve of said I don’t follow with their agenda tonight and am appalled by their statements! Even afterward she could have gone on the news and said something but Dollys either a coward or doesn’t like Trump and won’t speak out! Sooooo that is the answer! She doesn’t approve of Trump or their statements either! Still horrible Dolly!

    • I will never pay to go see anything that has her name on it. She may be a brilliant businesswoman. I hear her say in a video, guess it could have been made to make her look bad. She said she didn’t see anything wrong with being a Muslim, to me I would not want that smart brilliant woman making any decisions for me. Wish her the best but I think she should go sing & act, and allow someone who knows what they’re doing run the country.

    • Maria: You said, “…for taking part in that…” That is like saying that there are no victims of rape or murder because they were there. Nonsense.

    • maria – watch the video. You can tell she is uncomfortable. Now she could have walked off the stage but that would have been childish. I am sure she told them afterwards that she didn’t appreciate it. She was there with the other two to pass out an award. Don’t be so harsh. She never uttered a word and the looks on her face told me she had no idea what they were going to say.

    • Maybe she felt it best to say nothing in light of being between two washed up wannbe know it alls…her safety could have been at stake had she spoken, they are bith bigger women than her. Besides, it shows ALOT more class to not say anything and express with her face that she was in a very uncomfortable position at those moments. Dolly is still the same as she was before the perfoirmance, a classy intelligent patriotic American, period. People who land guilt by association and assumptions are the problem, hint hint.

  2. OK. I have never had a reason to doubt James Woods. I have always loved Dolly’s music and figured that she was ambushed by two Anti-American fools.

    • I agree with you. I tend to think that they knew how Dolly Parton felt and where her loyalties were and this was a total set-up they wanted her to respond and come to the defense of President Trump and had a lot more trash they were ready to use. However, by hesitating that shot them down because to have carried any further would have shown just what they were up to
      I myself have been caught in such a situation and you know what you would like to say but know also to say anything would just make matters that much worse.

  3. those presentations are practiced and their lines are on teleprompter – unless they rehearsed a whole other scenario it doesn’t explain why Dolly Parton would be there? I love her, and i see her expression, but she’s usually not one to stand by and say nothing and speaks her mind, so i wonder why she didn’t at least say something – didn’t she know they were going to say all that? that’s the real question.

    • I fully believe that these two hags went totally off script and set her up because they do know what kind of person she is and what her beliefs are. They on the other hand are now and always have been out for themselves. Hanoi jane proved that when she visited the POW camps in Viet Nam and gave the prison guards papers that the prisoners had attempted to slip to her so she could let their families and the rest of this country how things really were in the camps. This resulted in more severe punishment for the POWs. Do you really think it would be beneath her to set someone like Dolly up?

    • Because Dolly is human. Look at all the Trump-loathers surrounding her, including the audience. 1. No, not because she is weak or scared. 2. Because what good would a rebuttal have done in that auditorium full of jackals? To me, her silence followed by her standard joking about herself speaks volumes. I love Dolly.

    • Christy Loder: “Teleprompter” might be your answer. Those words come up in front of newscasters to be spontaneously read. Dolly Parton might have actually also had something to read…usually each presenter would. It is possible (maybe probable) that her silence was truly golden — not just on a pond.

  4. We know those gals used her and thry should be ashamed. We love you Dolly everyone I know knew they used you. You don’t need friends like them

  5. I did not watch the Emmys so I was not aware of Dolly’s “looks” as James Woods pointed out during “Dumb & Dummer’s” ranting. I wrote a non flattering note to Dolly telling her how disappointed I was that she had joined those two fools. I then sent her an APOLOGY THE NEXT DAY. THANK YOU JAMES WOODS for your explanation.Dolly is a true patriot with more CLASS than those two will ever attain.

  6. It was easy to see she was suprised and uncomfortable in that business situation. But true to form of class and professionalism, she did not use it for self generated glory. She has always been a class act. Maybe j.f and l.t. just realise that their Hollywood is over. Unlike dolly.

  7. I could tell from the getgo Dolly was not a part of trashing Trump. The look on her face gave that up. Thank you Dolly for being a great American.

  8. If she is as innocent as everyone is saying she is, why hasn’t she come out to straighten out the record? Until I hear a retraction from her, I am turning her off.

  9. ““Back in 1980 in that movie, we refused to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot,” Fonda said.”

    Yet that is exactly what you hypocrits did during the 8 years of Obama’s reign of . Obama is nothing if not egotistical and/or narcissistic, he is one of the most prolific liars ever to hold office, he is most definitely a bigoted racist who at every turn tried to divide races, classes, those of politically opposing views. By spewing all of this ridiculous anti-Trump garbage, it only serves to prove how stupid the bottom-dwellers of Hollywood are. I’m through with Tinsel Town…haven’t been to a movie in ages and won’t even watch them on TV. I’d rather watch cartoons with the grandkids.

  10. Dolly should set the record straight herself!
    (She should be more discrete about who she is seen with; as a professed devout Christian she should “Come out from amongst them”; especially from amongst a homosexual and a Traitor!!!

  11. I don’t believe she was is so innocent, I saw on some show ( can’t remember which one) where she was very much against President Trump. I don’t know what happened at the Emmy’s, I did not watch it.

  12. I was sure she was caught off guard, I didn’t believe any of that that I was reading because Dolly Parton is a sweet person and I know she is for America, so I never believed any of what I was reading on Facebook

  13. I knew Lily Tomlin was a liberal, Jane Fonda is and always will be a fucking traitor,, the nickname Hanoi Jane cannot be shared enough, she’s an embarrasment to all us that remember her famous exploit… to put Dolly Parton in that position, from the appearances, you could see her uncomforableness … and again this is a problem for Hollywood’s elites who think their opinions matter, their idea and thoughts matter.. when in actuallity… It doesn’t … keep your political thoughts to yourself …

  14. I definitely could tell that Dolly was not a scumbag like the ones that surrounded her. She is a true patriot and a true AMERICAN. They should be ashamed having used a classy lady like that. Shows where their brains are.

  15. Sorry, she is guilty by association. Just being with Hanoi Jane makes her guilty. Also, in the video that I saw, just before the camera cuts away from their faces she has a big smile on her face.

  16. I was surprised to see Dolly part of the ignorant rant of the other two clueless jerks she was on stage with. She came out a few times in defense of Trump during the campaign and after. Being caught off guard makes sense and I’m sure that was the case. Love ya Dolly!

  17. She looked surprised and I bet Fonda and Tomlin didn’t warn her because they knew she wouldn’t agree with putting politics on stage. Her looks are enough to tell me she didn’t agree. I respect Dolly and everyone knows she doesn’t discuss politics is why she was blindsided by those two who knew she would disagree.

  18. Glad to see this information. I heard others talking about Dolly taking a stand against President Trump. I thought that it was uncharacteristic of her. But, I did not research because so many in the entertainment industry have come out like the gargoyles she was standing between. I believe Dolly does not stand with those. I believe Dolly Parton is a good patriotic American, that she loves The Father and His Son and she has given back to the people so much time and money. That said her music has touch my spirit in many ways and many times. Again, thanks for helping to clear up the misinformation I received.

  19. I believe if I was caught in the mess, I would have walked out, award or no award. Walking out would have had a greater statement than stand there with them bashing the President of the United States.
    Hating Hollywood and I have been turning the TV off and being very selective to movies I watch. I refuse to support Hollywood and the messages they have been brain washing Americans with. NOTE: I’ve been getting more done around the house too.

  20. At first I was disappointed with her but realized the situation she was in. I often am in the same spot. A writer who is conservative belonging to writing groups that verbally insult our great President and promote their trash at group functions. It is shameful and wrong. ANY group that is NOT a political club has no right for liberal thugs to use the group/club as a platform for their corrupt agenda. When you are in a situation where you are largely outnumbered and liberals start with their trash talk, you for one thing have to think of your safety today. BECAUSE the so called “liberals” are not liberals today, they are rude, nasty, crude, and often VIOLENT thugs. Even if she would have spoken up the verbal and possible physical assaults on her would/could have been devastating. It is easy to be caught up in the mess but think. As always todays HOLLYWOOD trash continues to show us how intolerant and ignorant they are. LEARN and unite to TURN THEM OFF and cut them off by stop financially supporting them. Hollywood, athletes, fake news, & other networks ARE ORGANIZED and using all forms of media to insult & attack not only our president, but President Trump supporters by calling us names, disparaging our good names, and some even making threats. We need to ALSO ORGANIZE and STOP SUPPORTING their evil agenda. BOYCOTT THEM, THEIR SHOWS, GAMES, SPONSORS, AND ALL THEIR PRODUCTS. Why continue to pay them for attacking us and insulting us? We are in essence their employers by buying tickets to games, movies, DVDs, Blue Rays, and any memorabilia. STOP IT, TURN THEM OFF, CUT THEM OFF. If you must watch, watch these channels HALLMARK, HISTORY, DISCOVER, NASA, TRAVEL, FOOD, HGTV, ANIMAL PLANET.
    And if the liberal scumbags are on any of these networks TURN THEM OFF too.

  21. I love Dolly but she knows those two women are big mouth racist hypocrites. She knew they would never keep politics out of them being on stage. They’re absolute white trash pigs. Stay away from them Dolly or you’ll start stinking.

  22. I think Fonda and Tomlin realized they are insignificant and tricked Dolly to join them on stage to lend credibility. I also think Parton was unaware of the ploy. Fonda has passed the torch of stupidity and treason over to George Cloony, the modern version of a clueless asshole that purports to care about the common man while knowing nothing about reality.

  23. I like Dolly and her music. BUT–she knew beforehand what these two gargoyles were going to do.. She’s smart and the WHOLE Show was ALL about Trump bashing from ALL of them appearing and running that show. She KNEW they were going to bash our POTUS.. as they are both radical libturds and were very smug.. I’m sure it did “surprise” her at the extent of the vitriol spewed forth.. but. she should have told them personally b/f she appeared with them.. NOT to embarrass her in the this way. By showing up with them on stage.. she is validating them and their HATE for our country. and bashing the OFFICE OF THE POTUS!! She needs to grow a SPINE.. and tell them to go to HELL.. with their evil speak.. She wants to sit on the fence… afraid of being “black balled” by all those FOOLS in Hollywood and NYC in the entertainment industry.. I lost a LOT of respect for her that night.. even tho I would NEVER watch these circuses honoring themselves!!

  24. Those that know Dolly Parton, Know she is a true American.Not only did she put up the victims in the area of her home state during the horrible fire but she rebuilt the homes they lived if.She did it with love in her heart but total love for the people in Tennessee.Any one that thinks otherwise doesnt know her.Shame on the other 2 for putting her in that terrible spot. Love Ya” Do;;y.

  25. I think Dolly did a pretty good job. just to be silence . she was pinned with this two stupid women. like Jane Fonda. I never knew her, but my late husband hate her. he said she should have been in jail for what she did during the war.

  26. Dolly probably had no idea what these two hags had planned. I do however expect Dolly to come out with a statement rejecting the other two’s vitriol.

  27. My opinion is that she wasn’t about to get into a pissing contest on stage with those two asshats…her expression and silence spoke volumes. Dolly Parton is more patriotic and has more class than the other two will ever have.

  28. I truly Believe she wanted to turn and run…She was horrified..I do hope she told them off..Those 2 old bitties are horrible excuses to be called Americans…they do not belong in our Great Country..anyone who acts like they did should be asked to leave our Great Nation..

  29. I was aggravated at Dolly I didn’t watch the Emmys She was only on for way back when She doesn’t get into politics Dolly helps lots of people in this world She does a lot foe the kids which is very nice of her She doesn’t condemn people!!

  30. You don’t swim with sharks ! Especially when one is a verified Traitor! REAL AMERICANS WOULD NOT BE SEEN WITH THAT FONDA TRASH ! Dolly made her bed !

  31. Traitor dolley!!!!!! I think you are a disgusting Human being , just like all your LIBERAL FRIENDS!! You did nothing, therefore you were in on it. We deplorable are not stupid and we will show the democrats in 2018 and 2020 just how strong we are when we destroy your party once and for all!!!!

  32. Dolly has always been outspoken and done what she wanted without influence. No, I don’t believe one min she didn’t know what they were planning on doing. Dolly would have walked off no matter what people thought, she is not concerned with what others say or do and if she supposedly being patriotic and a Christian she would have stood firm on her beliefs no matter what and left the stage. That would have been class and respect for the President and our country!! She thought she would be an exception to the public and now realizes she is not, trying to lie about it. BOYCOTT!!!

  33. I think it is terrible that people wants everyone to boycott Dollywood. Dolly does not share the same views as the others. You can tell she was shocked by the look on her face. I think she should have spokeup but I’m not upset that she didn’t. She is a caring person, she has done so much for the people of Tenn. after the fire. She does a lot for her employees and For the town of Pigeon Forge Tenn. I have been going to Dollywood for thirty years or so. It’s such a great place, we never get tired of it. They have a family atmosphere there and gospel music. There is no other theme park that has that. Dolly I will continue to come to the Great Smoky Mountains year after year.

  34. James Woods’ excuse is such a load of crap. If anyone knows how far left Hollywood is and that they will exploit every opportunity to denigrate Trump it’s Dolly Parton. She has lived and survived in that environment all her life. Had Dolly walked off the stage after the first comment, she would have kept her self-respect and that of her fans.

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