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Joe Biden Just Said That Latinos Have Diversity Of Thought, Unlike Black Americans (Video)

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Tuesday rolled out his plan to empower Latino communities in the U.S. as President Trump’s campaign also attempts to appeal to the population.

The plan’s release comes one day after the Trump campaign rolled out a new Spanish-language digital ad that equates progressive politics in the U.S. to socialist dictators and politicians in Latin America.

In the press release for the spot, the Trump campaign referred to the Biden campaign as “anti-Hispanic” for its public safety, tax, and educational policies, adding that the former vice president would return “to a failed U.S.-Cuba policy that enables the Castro regime to prop-up the dictatorship in Venezuela and Marxist guerrillas that terrorize Latinos in Colombia and other countries.”

Biden’s campaign lashed out at Trump in the release of the plan, pointing to what it called an “assault on Latino dignity.”

But during his public address to the Latino community, Biden again offended the Black American citizens.

Just over a month after his “you ain’t black comment” Biden accused Black Americans of lack of diversity of thought.

Video below:

This is his second “gaffe” in two days!

Biden shrugged off a question Tuesday about taking a cognitive assessment test, which President Trump has challenged him to do — while misrepresenting what the test measures.

Joe Biden was asked by Errol Barnett of CBS News if he’d taken a cognitive test during an interview this morning. A flustered Biden responded by asking the black reporter if he’s a junkie. Biden also pulled out his signature “C’mon man” comment used to express outrage at anyone asking a question he won’t answer.

In an exchange with CBS’s Errol Barnett during a wide-ranging, multi-moderator interview at a conference of Black and Latino journalists, Biden balked at Barnett’s question about whether Biden had even taken an exam.

“No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test?” responded Biden, who then posed a rhetorical analogy.

“C’mon man,” he chided Barnett. “That’s like saying, ‘You — before you got on this program you took a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?’”

Video below:

That’s at least now three or four insults directed toward the Black community in over a month… but that’s OK, he’s going to pick a “Black” VP runningmate.

And the media still covers for him.