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Judicial Watch Uncovers House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Travel Expenditures

One article we found on Business Insider explained that Nancy Pelosi’s in-flight bill for food and drink costed $101,000 in 2010. Many Americans on both the left and the right are fed up with the Democratic Party’s lavish lifestyle while the rest of us worry about how we are going to pay our mandatory taxes. Not to mention that President Trump does not pay himself his own salary that he is entitled to.

Conservative watchdog group “Judicial Watch” has uncovered Nancy Pelosi’s 2015 military travel costs to Italy and the Ukraine, including a huge tab for food and alcohol.

Back in July of 2015, Politico reported on the pricey trip.


Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will travel to Italy and Ukraine starting Thursday on a congressional delegation intended to underscore the U.S. commitment to security in that region.

While in Italy, Pelosi and six other Democrats will meet with officials at the U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa Headquarters and the Allied Joint Forces Command Headquarters for security briefings as well as Italian government officials in Rome.

Judicial Watches discovery comes on the heels of a trip Pelosi was scheduled to take to Afghanistan, which President Trump canceled, citing the cost factor during the government shutdown.

CODELS are a huge SCAM on the taxpayer. Don’t fall for this nonsense. They’re glorified vacations, using government assets, where the “business” being done could easily be done from DC. Embassy staff have told me how much they hate them. It’s a scheme.

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