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JUST IN: Terror In Phoenix Ahead Of Trump’s Visit Has City On Edge

When I look at the time that Protesters got I wonder do they have a job or is this their job? These protesters need to get real jobs. They obviously have a too much free time or are paid for the time they spent on protests!

We all know that George Soros has been organizing anti-Trump riots across America through a liberal activist group he funds via the Open Society Foundations.

But it seems that is not enough because he just launched a new Anti-Trump network.


Via Daily Caller:

Leading anti-Trump activists backed by major Democratic donors including George Soros are mobilizing large numbers of protesters ahead of President Trump’s rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, with the intention of stealing the spotlight from the president’s event.

Local leaders of Indivisible, one of many “resistance” protest groups formed as a direct response to Trump’s election, are organizing thousands of protesters associated with a coalition of left-wing groups ahead of Tuesday’s event. In addition to organizing mass protests outside the rally, Indivisible is encouraging protesters to register for tickets for the rally itself, increasing the likelihood that protesters will disrupt Trump’s speech, as often happens at Trump’s rallies.

Although originally founded by activists not backed by donors, Indivisible’s website now states that the group “is a project of the Advocacy Fund,” a progressive advocacy group that receives money from the Open Society Policy Center, an arm of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. That revelation follows USA Today’s reporting in May that leaders of Indivisible and Women’s March met with Democracy Alliance, a Soros-led network of left-wing donors, to discuss funding options.

Left-wing activists have organized four events against Trump on Tuesday, culminating in one massive protest at the rally. That protest will be “lead by every organization and individual that does not support President Trump,” according to Indivisible’s Phoenix branch.

Thousands of protesters are expected at Trump’s rally, which comes amidst an already tense political climate following violent clashes in Phoenix and Boston.

Phoenix Police Chief Jerri Williams said earlier this week that police will be at “maximum staffing during the visit.”

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton criticized Trump for holding the rally in the wake of deadly violence at a white nationalist in Charlottesville last week.

“I am disappointed that President Trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville,” Stanton, a Democrat, said in a statement last week.

It takes real guts to take Soros down, Democrats were paid by him, Trump does not need the money he loves his country and fighting to make America great again, against all turncoats including George Soros himself!

George Soros needs to go this guy is nothing but a thorn in the president’s side he should be deported he is not even a citizen of this country he needs to be taken out.

I say freeze his assets. Keep him from accessing his money. It is a web of hidden money but I believe it can be done. Then begin the process to strip him of his citizenship. That is a very difficult and drawn out process. If it can be done he should be deported to Hungary where there is a warrant for his arrest. We should all support the President in the endeavor to get rid of Soros.