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Latest Cable News Ratings Show Trump #Resistance Failing Miserably

It looks like Soros-fabricated/funded #Resistence movement is running out of propaganda and it sputtering out.

Of course it really had no steam to begin with, it was all just a media campaign funded by liberal elite globalists.

The only sign that there was a small bit of “life” in the #Resistance was the cable news ratings.


MSNBC was reaping the rating rewards of the #Resistance movement, with sad, low-informed liberals tuning in to get their anti-Trump fix.

However, the new ratings are out in the key 25-54 demographic, and they spell even more bad news for the failing #Resistance, as MSNBC returns to its lowly 3rd place spot.

Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are now CRUSHING everyone.

This fake narrative that Americans hate their “America First President” is total garbage.

Case in point, nearly 20 thousand people showed up for President Trump’s Phoenix rally and stood outside in the blistering desert heat for hours, just to catch a glimpse of the first REAL President of the 21st century.

Trump has the momentum and massive grassroots support, despite the media, deep state, and liberal efforts to tear him down.

Who would have thought the American way of life and the success it has produced would be in danger from within?

The greatest danger to our Republic are those in government colluding with corporate media and foreign invaders (refugees, illegal immigrants) as a wedge for political purposes. They don’t care what problems it causes for hard working, law abiding citizens.

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