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Leaks From Hunter Biden’s iCloud Account Allegedly Reveals That He Was In Contact With The Deputy Assistant Cyber Intelligence Director Of The FBI

Users of 4Chan have claimed to have hacked the iCloud account of Hunter Biden besides leaking a ton of controversial data on the social media platform. Screenshots of Hunter’s laptop and phone were posted on the website on Saturday night.

The leak comes days after a video showing a naked Hunter Biden smoking drugs inside a sensory deprivation tank, during a detox program surfaced. The cellphone-captured clip, which was retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, shows him naked, floating on his back.

The Washington Examiner reported that to prove the leak was legitimate, the users posted links to the leaked content on the website. Soon, it found its way to other social media platforms.


Reportedly, as the reports of the leak surfaced, the administrators of the site were quick to move to ensure that threads that included materials from the leak were pulled down.

The unverified “leaked content” posted by the 4chan users included images of text messages involving drug use, money transfers, guns.

One of the screenshots appears to reveal the number of the FBI Tonya Ugoretz who is the assistant director of the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence and the former deputy assistant director of the Cyber Division, where she oversaw national-level policy, intelligence analysis, and partner outreach.

Screenshot below:

So far the mainstream media stays silent on the alleged leaks but the social media reactions are growing even do the content is censored!

“The #4chan Hunter Biden dox sure reminds me, a dinosaur, of how @DRUDGE became a household name reporting on Monica Lewinsky while the corporate press was trying to look the other way (and then twisted themselves in pretzels wondering whether and how to acknowledge him),” wrote Michael Malice, the author of “The Anarchist Handbook” in a series of tweet.

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