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Liberals Claim That PPA Was Set on Fire By The Police Itself But New Video Reveals The Truth

A Portland police union building was set on fire during a demonstration on Saturday, July 18, prompting a police response.

Police accused protesters of vandalizing a police vehicle, breaking into a Portland Police Association (PPA) office, and setting it alight.

Police later said the fire had been extinguished and that they “restored order to the neighborhood.”


Eyewitnesses said that federal police also clashed with protesters near the Justice Center building.

Video from the incident below:

But that video wasn’t enough and liberals started to speculate that the PPD was set on fire by the police itself:

The list of liberals spreading this conspiracy is endless and it’s just a matter of time before the Dems embrace this fake news.

Luckily there is another video that shows the truth and the liberals won’t like it, the video was taken down by Twitter and other social media giants but we managed to download and upload on Right Journalism.

Video below

Also, the man who took the first video decided to end the speculations:

The burning of that building was terrorism and the people who did it should be proclaimed terrorists!